Maroto asks to stop measuring the success of tourism by visitors, but by quality



Tourism is the backbone of the Spanish economy and the crisis has given the opportunity to transform a model that began to be developed 60 years ago in Spain and from which much more profitability can be obtained. The Minister of Tourism, Reyes Maroto, explained this Thursday during the presentation of Turium at the Vocento headquarters that The time has come to stop measuring the success of the sector by the number of people who visit us, but to place quality at the center of the model, as well as in "sustainability, digitization and security".

In his opinion, Spain is much more than a sun and beach destination. It is a model that has been consolidated but to which we must begin to add more intensely others such as heritage, sports, well-being, shopping or business tourism, among many others. During his speech, Maroto wanted to emphasize that "Without tourism the Spanish economy will not be reactivated"Therefore, it is vitally important to use European funds as a "great lever for reactivation".

"Europe is setting a great example in this crisis, it is taking a very different stance than it did in 2008, when the recipe was cuts," he said. For this reason, he assured that the future of the tourism sector can be faced with "optimism."

In this sense, he highlighted the initiative of Turium, an independent business organization that seeks the transformation of the sector, as a good way to «Go from words to deeds»"We have signed a collaboration agreement with Turium to be an active part of the transformation process of the sector and address this change of model that we have been talking about for a long time, it is time to start doing it," said the minister.

The Turium project, sponsored by Vocento, already brings together some twenty leading companies in the excellence tourism sector, with the common objective of transform the Spanish model in the face of the greatest crisis in the history of the sector. It is an initiative open to the tourism ecosystem that will work to provide excellence, digitization and sustainability to the main economic engine of Spain. The objective of this business group is to help our country achieve "its well-deserved position" as a world leader in quality tourism, a more profitable and sustainable model, explained Germán Jiménez, its director.

In the presentation of the initiative, Ignacio Ybarra, President of Vocento, affirmed that tourism has helped us to get out of other periods of crisis and "today it needs all the support and attention." «It is time to bet on the specialization of our destinations, by applying this cutting-edge technology in which we are leaders and consolidating ourselves as a benchmark in the segment of tourism excellence. There is much to do and we have much to offer, "said Ybarra, who is confident of a future" with great opportunities "if these structural changes are addressed with a" value proposition. "

At the time of its launch, Turium has the following founding partners, all of them exponents of excellence in its offer to national and international travelers: Iberia, El Corte Inglés, Banco Santander, Correos, Paradores, Abadía Retuerta, Grupo Marugal (Akelarre , Urso Madrid, Cap Rocat, Gecko, Torralbenc, Tótem Madrid, Palacio Solecio), Basque Autonomous Community, Madrid Autonomous Community, Andalusia Autonomous Community, Principality of Asturias and the cities of Madrid, Valladolid and Vitoria, a model of sustainability at the level international. As partners, the initiative includes the communication and consulting agencies specialized in quality tourism Be Marketing, Mason Rose and SERGAT, as well as the Interactive Guides company GVAM and the prestigious Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic.

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