October 25, 2020

Maroto advances “will” to extend ERTE in the hospitality and commerce sectors




The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has indicated this Friday that “the possibility that the Government may extend the Temporary Employment Regulatory Records (ERTE) motivated by Covid-19 beyond September 30 in the hospitality, commerce and tourism sectors is not” ruled out “.

The minister has shown her support for these sectors during a visit this morning to various retail stores and hospitality establishments in the center of Bilbao, in the company of the Basque Minister for Tourism, Commerce and Consumption, Sonia Pérez; and the president of the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, Pedro Campo. Later, Maroto has come to visit two Biscayan companies from Mondragón Corporación, Bexen Medical and Maier, together with the Minister of Economic Development, Arantxa Tapia.

After the visit to the Bilbao shops, in which she has spoken with their managers, the minister has shown the Government’s will to “continue reinforcing” the social dialogue and has indicated that if within this framework “there is a will to extend ERTES” to some sectors still in need of protection “In order to gradually recover the activity, particularly the hospitality industry, the tourism sector, the Government will accompany so that this measure or others that are put on the table in the social dialogue can be approved.”

In statements to journalists, Maroto said that the ERTE measure by Covid-19 has been “highly valued” among businessmen since it has been shown to be “very effective in preventing the loss of the productive fabric”.

Boost to the commercial sector

After the visit in which he tested “first hand how the hospitality industry is recovering, and commerce from the impact of the health crisis”, Maroto explained that the Government is working, among other actions, on a plan to boost the commercial sector , who sees that it is recovering “gradually, with a significant effort of public-private collaboration”.

In your opinion, “the little step behind” that represents the obligation to wear a mask It assumes that “then we will be able to go a little faster in the steps we take towards economic recovery.”

“We have to continue being prudent, living with Covid, but that does not mean that we cannot travel, consume,” said the minister, who assured that things “are being done well” and defended that the current time is now ” to build trust, so that tourists come back and regain confidence in the destination. “

“Spain is a safe destination,” he added, “we have prepared ourselves and now we want to transfer this security to all markets so that national and international tourism recover the desire to travel and visit” the country.

The minister has insisted that prudence against the Covid “is not incompatible with traveling, is not incompatible with shopping, “and has encouraged people to travel this summer: “It is a deserved trip after such a hard confinement,” he maintained.

In the field of trade, Maroto has considered that the Covid-19 is also representing “an opportunity to reinvent yourself, find a way to find new clients in the online channel”. As he has said, some merchants have told him that “they are looking forward to this new normal”.

For her part, the counselor Sonia Pérez has advocated continuing to promote commerce, tourism and hospitality in the area of ​​professional training and digitization, but “with more effort if possible”, and has opted to work “on other models of governance, public-private collaboration “in these sectors.


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