Marley and Athor, two 'bloodhounds' to unravel a crime | Society

Marley and Athor, two 'bloodhounds' to unravel a crime | Society

They are almost always the first to arrive at the crime scene. Marley, a brown water dog, friendly and calm. Athor, a cinnamon-colored Belgian shepherd, a little more uncouth and restless. They are, at three years old, the bloodhounds of the Detection and Location Team of Biological Remains of the Civil Guard. The substitutes of Elton, the Belgian pastor who marked the exact place where Diana Quer was, after the confession of José Enrique Abuin, The gum. "Almost 13 years, and more than 400 services (disappearances, murders, homicides), we had to retire," says nostalgic Juanma, the agent who was his coach, partner and now owner, because he took him home finally. But before retiring, "Elton spent a while teaching everything he had learned to his disciples and successors," he says.

The relationship between the dogs and the agents in charge, Juanma and Israel, is that of a very close team, even if they work in pairs: Juanma with Marley and Israel with Athor. They do everything together. They take care of each other. They help each other. They train together. They travel together. And they even sleep with their respective dogs in any hotel worth their salt. Your work is fundamental. It was in the case of little Gabriel: "It was Marley who pointed to the point where Ana Julia Quezada had buried the child," they recall. And it is also being these days to unravel the murder of Laura Luelmo, the 26-year-old Zamora teacher raped and murdered by the 50-year-old ex-convict Bernardo Montoya in El Campillo (Huelva).

Tremendously specialized, among the 500 dogs that can form the canine unit of the Civil Guard, there is no rest of blood human that escapes them, although they have tried to clean it thoroughly with bleach, as did Montoya. They can even mark places where blood remains but that have been covered with furniture or other elements, as in this case, in which the murderer moved, for example, a bed to cover one of the stained areas.

The first arrivals

Marley and Athor were the first to arrive at Las Mimbreras, the place of eucalyptus and thickets of jara in which a volunteer who participated in the search found the body of Laura Lulemo last Monday, December 17, five days after her disappearance. Since then, his work has been tireless. Morning, afternoon and night. They enter and leave their car guided by their trainers. They track fields, farms, the house of the confessed murderer, his car, the victim's car, the street, the place where Montoya said he had left the woman's belongings (near the El Campillo cemetery), the margin of the N-435 road, where he claimed to have thrown the blanket that wrapped the body of the girl, the blanket itself … Everything. And they stop in their tracks, they dig like real statues before any other blood, for that they are trained. Now they are still looking for Laura's cell phone, which still does not appear and whose last signal positioned him nine kilometers from where his body was found.

They were already in the cases of Diana Quer, Gabriel and the missing of Asturias. Athor will be three years old and comes from working on another crime in Ibiza. And he also helped solve the crime of one of the missing women in Asturias, who had killed her boyfriend at home. Every day they carry out their training. They undergo more complicated tracking tests every time, so they arrive in top form in cases.

These last days; Marley and Athor have spent long and patient hours in El Campillo, the small town of 2,000 inhabitants in which Bernardo Montoya murdered Laura Luelmo, her neighbor in the house opposite, recently arrived. Entering and leaving the dwelling of the detainee, which this morning will go to court. Going up and down your car every time the Eye Inspection Teams, that they throw lights in the dark and see what nobody sees, they require them. Y they have a single and crucial mission: mark evidence that can serve agents to incriminate their detainee.


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