Marlaska says in Rabat that "Morocco is carrying out work to contain irregular migration that must be recognized"

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando-Grande Marlaska, held a meeting this Friday in Rabat with his Moroccan counterpart and the European Commissioner for the Interior. A meeting after which the Spanish minister praised the action of the security forces of Morocco in the tragedy in which 37 people died and which is being investigated by the Prosecutor's Office. A meeting that the Spanish media that came to cover the event have not been able to access due to the discomfort of Morocco with the informative coverage that is dispensed in Spain to the deaths of dozens of migrants on the border with Melilla.

The Prosecutor's Office opens an investigation into the deaths at the Melilla border

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Both Grande-Marlaska and Ylva Yohansson, European Commissioner for the Interior, have focused their analysis of the event in the "mafias" which, according to what they affirm, throw dozens of migrants against the southern border and lament the deaths but without pointing to any responsibility of any of the States that are on either side of the fence.

“Two weeks after the violent incidents on the Melilla border, where 23 people died, in this sense, we deeply regret the death of these migrants, and wish the recovery as soon as possible of the Moroccan gendarmes and Spanish civil guards who were injured in that violent assault on the border”, said the Spanish minister.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska explained that these facts drive the joint action of Spain, the EU and Morocco in "the management of irregular migration" and in "decidedly confronting criminal organizations who use violence and migrants”. The lives of migrants, he has said, are at risk "because of the mafias that use all the means at their disposal to achieve those ends that we can really define as illicit."

In line with what was explained by the European Commissioner, the Spanish Minister of the Interior wanted to "reiterate Spain's commitment" to advance in "cooperation with the countries of origin, the countries of transit, especially with Morocco, which is carrying out a of containment towards important irregular migration and that must also be recognized”.

He has finished his speech, in a video sent by the Ministry of the Interior itself, pointing to greater collaboration with Morocco. "We continue on this path, that of cooperation and coordination between the EU and Morocco to deal decisively with irregular migration and with a clear goal, which is none other than saving lives", he said.

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