Marlaska puts the murdered civil guard as an example of a public servant who watches over common security

Marlaska puts the murdered civil guard as an example of a public servant who watches over common security

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, paid tribute this Friday to the Civil Guard murdered in Huétor Vega (Granada) and has set him as an example of the thousands of public workers who do their work "with enormous generosity" for the common good of the society.

Grande-Marlaska has addressed these words of remembrance to the agent José Manuel Arcos at the beginning of the award ceremony to members of the Ministry of the Interior, which began with a minute of silence for "who has given his life for the safety of all ", as the minister has stressed.

In his speech, he highlighted the importance of the work of public officials, without which front-line politicians could not "carry out the projects that make the country progress". "Being a public servant implies a great responsibility, never justly recognized and therefore never sufficiently grateful," he praised.

This work has highlighted that they also perform it "with enormous generosity", since "it means giving the best for the good of all". "It means cooperating instead of competing, not seeking personal projection or promotion but the progress of society," he insisted.

Grande-Marlaska explained that the efforts of the Ministry of the Interior are aimed at achieving a "more just and egalitarian, more secure and therefore more free" society. All this achieving "that I trust fully in the public powers, proud of its institutions and in which the civic values ​​that sustain the democratic system predominate above all".


And he highlighted the work of officials during the last months of socialist government, in which they have been asked for a "supplementary effort" to take forward initiatives such as the fight against irregular immigration, the reception of immigrants, the security plan in the Campo de Gibraltar or the reduction of accidents on the roads.

"We have not rested a single day since we arrived at the Government because we are aware of the enormous task that we have ahead to make a safer country in which citizens can develop their rights and freedoms," he explained. All this with the desire that it be done "respecting plurality and diversity", in "equality".


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