Marlaska insists on the absence of data to suspend the 8M and that there were a plurality of acts

In the time of questions asked by journalists, the head of the Interior has avoided ruling on who should issue the aforementioned authorization or warning if it was a matter of the Ministry of Health, the corresponding government delegation or each of the autonomous communities in those that developed the marches.

He added that, in addition, that same Sunday in March there was a “plurality of public events” throughout Spain, since the marches of 8-M were joined by sporting events or acts of political parties “of all known”, in clear reference , without mentioning it, to the Vox congress in Madrid. All of them were held without any warning from the medical authorities, he stressed.

“It is striking that only the 8M event is emphasized when there were more public events that day, but this is not the time to argue,” added Grande-Marlaska.

Asked about the concrete events that are being carried out by the Government after two days hearing that it is asking for solidarity for Madrid, Marlaska has stated that the Executive is taking measures so that the set of elements at the disposal of regional authorities are put “for the benefit of the common good”.


At this point, he pointed out that since March 10 the Government has distributed almost 7 million masks among the autonomous communities, of which 2 million have reached the Community of Madrid.

As for the test batch to detect the coronavirus in patients that has been defective and has been returned, the Interior Minister has differentiated the purchase of this lot with the framework contract of more than 430 million signed this Wednesday with Chinese entities that They will allow the arrival in our country of more than 500 million masks, 950 breaths and more than 5 million tests. “It has nothing to do with one acquisition with another,” he insisted.


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