June 16, 2021

Marlaska hires Lesmes’ chief of staff in the midst of a clash between the President of the Judiciary and the Government

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has appointed Carlos Lesmes’ chief of staff to occupy that same position in his department. The incorporation of Susana Crisóstomo Sanz to the Ministry of the Interior is immediate, they assure elDiario.es government sources.

Grande-Marlaska jumps from the judicial orbit of the PP to Minister of the Interior of the Sánchez cabinet

Grande-Marlaska jumps from the judicial orbit of the PP to Minister of the Interior of the Sánchez cabinet

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The appointment of the new Grande-Marlaska chief of staff It occurs in the middle of a confrontation between the President of the Judiciary and the Government. Last week, the Plenary of the CGPJ overwhelmingly approved the appointment of six key positions in the Supreme Court with the total opposition of the Government, which considers that the current Council lacks any legitimacy to do so as it has been in office for close to two years.

Despite the calls that Moncloa made until the night before, seven of the nine progressive members chose to negotiate the appointments with Lesmes and the rest of the conservative bloc. Sources from that sector later showed their satisfaction with the result of the agreement, which includes two new progressive judges for the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court. Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo said publicly that he would prefer that they had not been carried out.

Campo was precisely present in the most tense episode between Lesmes and the Government. It took place on September 25th on the occasion of the delivery in Barcelona of dispatches to the new judges. The President of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court regretted that Felipe VI was not present, a decision adopted by the Government. Later, Lesmes leaked that the king had telephoned him to regret his absence.

An official of the Superior Body of Civil Administrators of the State, Susana Crisóstomo arrived at the CGPJ approximately one year after the Popular Party appointed Carlos Lesmes to its Presidency and that of the Supreme Court. The first years she served as “Presidential Advisor” in the Judiciary. During that time she was recognized with the Order of San Raimundo de Peñafort, the highest distinction in the field of justice, which was granted by the Ministry, with Rafael Catalá as the holder of the portfolio.

In 2018, the previous Lesmes cabinet director, Ana Murillo, went to the Royal Academy of the Language and the president of the Judiciary decided that Crisóstomo Sanz would become her right hand. The adviser had already held other positions of trust in the field of Justice with the Popular Party. She was also the chief of staff for Fernando Román, number two for Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón in the Ministry of Justice. During the Aznar government, Susana Crisóstomo held a freely appointed position in the Ángel Acebes Ministry of Justice.

Sources from her environment present Susana Crisóstomo as a “profound connoisseur of the Administration”, which is why they attribute the election of Grande-Marlaska. Those same sources emphasize that she has been in freely appointed positions with governments of different kinds for more than twenty years and that with the PSOE she was deputy director general of the Technical Cabinet of the Undersecretary of Education and chief of the cabinet undersecretary of Justice.

Susana Crisóstomo and Grande-Marlaska agreed in the General Council of the Judicial Power. The current minister was elected to the position in the Government of Pedro Sánchez when he served as a member of the Judiciary at the proposal of the Popular Party. The Council of Ministers this Tuesday is expected to approve the appointment of Crisóstomo as cabinet director of the Interior Minister, according to the sources mentioned.

Chrysostom replaces Rocío García, who has left the post nine months after her appointment, in full hangover by the dismissal of Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos. The replacement of the head of the Madrid Command due to the reports on the 8M demonstration and the different versions offered by Grande-Marlaska caused the most serious crisis in the Interior since the appointment of the current minister. García expressed at the time his disagreement with the times and forms of that dismissal.


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