February 27, 2021

Marlaska defends the work of the Police against the “unjustifiable violence” of a “minority”

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, defended this Friday the work of the Police in the face of the disturbances that are taking place in some demonstrations in support of the imprisoned rapper Pablo Hasel and has criticized the “unjustifiable attitudes” of “a minority who con a wrong concept of rights makes use of violence. “” The exercise of any right protects violence, “he asserted.

Sanchez: "Spain is a full democracy and the use of any type of violence is inadmissible"

Sánchez: “Spain is a full democracy and the use of any type of violence is inadmissible”

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Like Sánchez and other socialist ministersMarlaska has distanced himself from the words of the United We Can spokesperson, Pablo Echenique, who in full altercations and police charges applauded “the young anti-fascists who are demanding justice and freedom of expression in the streets.” Marlaska has made these considerations in an appearance at the Congressional Interior Committee to give an account of his management in the Filomena snow storm. But the groups have focused their interventions on other issues and, especially, on the episodes of violence recorded in recent days.

The Minister of the Interior has reiterated his support and recognition of the Security Forces – and especially the National Police -, has defended their work to “guarantee rights and freedoms” and has insisted that the uniform of the agents who have been on the street in “the last three days and every day of the year” is “loaded with democratic values.”

In this sense, he stressed that, as a democratic body that it is, when there is “some kind of dysfunction” in its performance, “it is analyzed, evaluated and resolved and what is appropriate is agreed”, as has happened with the two police officers who attacked in Linares (Jaén) a man and his 14-year-old daughter who are in provisional prison.

Resignation requests

The appearance has been very rough, with requests for the resignation of the minister by PP and Vox. Both groups, in addition to Ciudadanos, have charged him for not condemning those from the Government who “encourage violence in the streets,” in reference to United We Can. “Pablo Iglesias is guilty of what happens in the streets and Sánchez, an accomplice, and if you are not capable of condemning the violence, you must resign,” said PP deputy Ana Vázquez, who has accused Marlaska of “being in Chueca “during the riots. “Be more respectful of diversity and its expressions,” the minister replied afterwards, visibly irritated.

The spokesperson for Vox in this commission, Javier Ortega Smith, has condemned United We can for “encouraging and protecting criminals” from the Government and has made the minister ugly who has not condemned this action or sided with the police . “He has not done so and I ask him to present his resignation or be dismissed immediately,” he proclaimed.

For his part, Citizens’ deputy Miguel Gutiérrez thanked the minister for his support of the State Security Forces, although he did reproach him for the fact that no one in the Government says “anything” about those who encourage from within, alluding to United We Can , those “uncivil” and “intolerable” behaviors.

On the other hand, the spokesman for United We Can, Enrique Santiago, has accused “the extreme right and the extreme right” of encouraging the presence of “destabilizing minorities embedded in the Security Forces or the Judiciary” with the “purpose” to “wear this government down.”


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