July 15, 2020

Marlaska defends that the LGTBI flag on the Twitter of the Civil Guard shows its commitment to the rights of all

At a press conference to present the summer Traffic campaign, Grande-Marlaska has defended this initiative of the Civil Guard, also expressing its respect for legal actions such as that of the Christian Lawyers association, which has announced a lawsuit for prevarication against the director General of the Armed Institute, María Gámez.

“All the institutions of a State have to commit themselves to constitutional values. And it seems incredible that there are still people who forget that in order for all of us to exercise our rights, our freedoms in equality and diversity, we need a safe environment,” Grande- has defended. Marlaska.

Regarding the complaint filed against the director, the head of the Interior has maintained that “everyone is free to act and formalize the legal actions they deem appropriate.” “That is what the courts are for, so that, within the separation of powers, they resolve what they deem appropriate,” he said.

“As Minister of the Interior, I must only endorse and endorse the action that has been developed in this regard because, like many others that the Civil Guard does 365 days a year, it shows its real, effective and direct commitment to the rights and freedoms of all of us, and that is why it is the most valued institution, “he emphasized, referring to the Spanish Constitution.


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