April 14, 2021

Marlaska appears tomorrow in the Senate amid the controversy in the Civil Guard and the requests for resignation

On April 23, in the sixth week under the state of alarm for the coronavirus, Grande-Marlaska went to Congress to explain to the deputies his policy at the head of the Interior during this legislature.

At that time he had to defend the management of the Civil Guard in relation to the tracking of hoaxes after the controversial statements of General José Manuel Santiago, spokesman for this Body in the technical cabinet of Moncloa, about fighting false information that affected the Government. Then he clarified that he was referring to state institutions.

Grande-Marlaska defended in Congress its policy of fines under the state of alarm by Covid-19 – more than a million sanctions have been proposed – against the thesis of the State Advocacy, which questioned the procedure.

The dismissal on Sunday – after calls from commandos and the director of the Civil Guard – of Diego Pérez de los Cobos was met with numerous criticisms within the Civil Guard and also by the main opposition parties.

The colonel, who was at the head of the Madrid Command when the 8M demonstration and the start of the coronavirus contagion was judicially investigated, has been linked to the Secretary of State for Security since Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba’s term as Minister of the Interior and Police coordinator was assigned to prevent the independence referendum of 1-O.


At the government control session on Wednesday, Grande-Marlaska faced an opposition offensive on this matter with seven questions. He was also censured for announcing the completion of salary equalization at Tuesday’s press conference after the Council of Ministers.

The PP requested that Colonel Pérez de los Cobos be reinstated and that he “leave if he had any dignity left”, the same thing that Vox demanded, who also announced a complaint for these alleged interferences. Citizens questioned the version of the Ministry and accused the Government of wanting a “servile administration” for the dismissals without justification. The opposition asked if he ordered the then head of the Civil Guard in Madrid to be pressured for details of the investigation into the 8M.

On Tuesday, after learning of the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos, he resigned as Deputy Chief Operating Officer (DAO) Laurentino Ceña. His release was scheduled for June 2, but was paralyzed by the coronavirus health crisis, where he was one of the officers who acted as spokesman for the management committee that met daily at the Moncloa Palace.

Yesterday, the replacement of the other lieutenant general in charge of the Corps’ operational questions, Fernando Santafé, Operations Command, was also made official.

In his public appearances these days, the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has denied any interference and has detached the dismissal of Pérez de los Cobos and the relays in the dome of the Civil Guard from the judicial investigation into the beginning of the contagion of coronavirus and the possible responsibility of the Government Delegation for allowing the feminist demonstration of 8M.

In addition, within what he has called a “new boost” and “team restructuring”, he announced that the new DAO will be Pablo Salas and the Operations Command, Félix Blázquez, both Division generals and that, therefore, they have to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant general, upon acceptance by the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles.


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