July 29, 2021

Marlaska and Delgado praise the "decent" government of Sanchez before a "rough" PP

Marlaska and Delgado praise the "decent" government of Sanchez before a "rough" PP

The justice ministers, Dolores Delgado, and Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, today highlighted the "decency" of the Government of Pedro Sanchez in front of a "crude" and "violent" PP, and have made it clear that the "noise" of the opposition will not prevent the Socialist Executive from governing.

Both have intervened in an event organized by the Socialist Party of Madrid on the 150 days of the Government of Sanchez, but that has really served to support Angel Gabilondo as a candidate for that training to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid.

Both Delgado and Marlaska have praised the figure of Gabilondo, who has closed the event, where he has made it clear that his goal is to achieve the common good and greater social justice, defend the rights of citizens and solve their problems. "We are not for anything else," he stressed.

"We will fight to be as honest, decent and honest as we can", underlined Gabilondo, who has acknowledged that he wants to win the elections, but not to have more power, but to govern by the citizens and for those most vulnerable people. And for that it has urgency to arrive at the autonomic Government.

For their part, the two ministers have explained before an audience that the ONCE conference room has overflowed the measures they have implemented in their respective departments, which, in their opinion, were "petrified" and "inactive" by the corruption.

Delgado, who has recalled that he has no socialist card but progressive soul, has wanted to have a memory for the 971 women killed at the hands of male violence in Spain since they have statistics, 48 ​​of them died so far this year.

The Government of Sanchez has described "very decent, very supportive, future and inclusive", and has said that despite the "noise" is being governed realistically and things are changing.

The holder of Justice considers that the change in Spain is "unstoppable", in spite of which the PP wants to put them in a "quagmire" and does not want to let them govern.

"No one is going to blackmail us," he warned before concluding: "The first hundred days are important, but the next thousand are what make the difference."

Meanwhile, Marlaska has emphasized the need for the motion of censure that led Sanchez to Moncloa because Spain was "paralyzing and the values ​​were being cornered".

And he assured that they see in Spain an illusion similar to that of October 28, 1982, when the Socialists won the general elections at the hands of Felipe González, while insisting that on the street, "people of all kinds ", legitimizes the current Government, which has not arrived" from borrowed ".

Félix Bolaños, general secretary of the Presidency of the Government, who has said that Sánchez's team has come to transform reality and is already doing it with 84 deputies, thanks also to the work of the socialist parliamentary group that has managed to remove 75 Royal decrees with the support of other groups.

Among the measures, Bolaños has highlighted the agreement to exhume Franco's remains and has made it clear that the debate should not focus on where they will go – to a private, safe place, he said – but where it comes from.

He has also criticized the right-wing parties that "put themselves in profile when they propose to exhume the dictator". "Citizens, is not it a modern and cool right? What is it doing abstaining in the exhumation?", He said ironically.

"There is a noise that is made so that you can not see what the government is doing, the noise will happen, but we will stay," Bolaños concluded.


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