Marlaska accuses Vox of "indecency" and defends "digital surveillance against unscrupulous"

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, on Wednesday accused Vox of "indecency" for defending that the "Social Communist Government" acts during the state of alarm due to the Covid-19 pandemic as "prey to impose the Chavista model" , limiting freedoms in an Internet monitoring strategy to "identify the dissident".

In response to an urgent interpellation defended by the deputy of Vox Macarena Olona, ​​the Interior Minister has again denied this point, assuring that a "digital surveillance is being carried out against unscrupulous people who intend to take advantage of the health crisis putting health at risk of all. "

Olona has announced that her group has asked that a subcommittee of investigation be created regarding the controversy of the Chief of the General Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago, who spoke as a technician that hoaxes that affect " government institutions, "qualifying after he was referring to institutions. The deputy has clarified that they do not question the Armed Institute but the orders they receive.

Grande-Marlaska has defended the work of monitoring on social networks and the dark web - which does not use traditional browsers - as well as measures such as reinforcing the Department of Homeland Security of the Presidency of the Government in the framework of the strategy against disinformation. In addition, he recalled that 274 disinformation events have been detected under the alarm state and 45,733 domains have also been blocked due to their potential danger.

"We are not talking about personal opinions and criticism of the Executive," Grande-Marlaska said about Internet tracking. As an example, he has cited the dissemination of manipulated official documents on the state of alarm or with false remedies to avoid Covid-19, as well as food, transport or critical infrastructure.

The beneficiaries of the hoax alerts, he said, are from state institutions to regional or local governments. "Freedom of expression is not limited, our fundamental rights are not limited, on the contrary, they are reinforced because they are carried out within a framework of certainty," the Minister of the Interior has justified, before appealing to the Vox deputy: "What the only ones that are limited are the unscrupulous activities, I hope that you don't want to give them shelter ".


In the debate, mention was made of a word this morning in the Congress of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, questioning Vox for not defending homosexuals. Olona has said that this is false, that they do not question homosexuality, and Grande-Marlaska has disfigured her "fixation" with her sexual orientation and has asked the deputy to make that defense against "the people of Make Yourself Heard". "That we are not sick," he added.

The minister has accused the Vox deputy of "rehashing" his public statements and his comments on Twitter, citing two cases: that he accuse the government of euthanasia with the sick elderly of Covid-19 and that they were going to raise concentration camps to separate healthy and infected people. For Grande-Marlaska this is proof of "perseverance in exaggeration, in falsehood and the lack of parliamentary and institutional rigor".

Olona has cited an example of an alleged hoax brought about by Grande-Marlaska, when she spoke of a case of gender violence of a detainee in Valladolid who was later released. The minister has said that he had already admitted that he was wrong, but that it was not for giving false information, but because he made a comment in a media outlet according to the data he had after the arrest.

"The fallacy is not completing the information, failing the truth, discrediting failing," Grande-Marlaska said in response to Olona and her allusion to the report of the State Attorney General on sanctions for failing to comply with the state of alarm, "reports divergent between the same Lawyer ", has pointed out the holder of the Interior, adding that these" are not binding ".

"You are an intelligent person, I think you are young, you are lucky to be the daughter of democracy, but be careful, time passes very quickly, you try to take democratic values, shelter with them, the values ​​of tolerance, respect of dignity and diversity, "Grande-Marlaska concluded, by way of" advice "to the deputy from Vox.


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