Mariví amazes Carlos Sobera with his confession in ‘First Dates’: “I’m addicted to sex”

Mariví in & # 039; First Dates & # 039 ;.

Mariví in ‘First Dates’.

Carlos Sobera is often stunned by some of the confessions made by the guests of ‘First Dates’. This is the case of Mariví, a 25-year-old security assistant, who left the presenter with his eyes wide open with what when defining herself: “I’m a sex addict and loving. “

“But what level of addiction do you have, what is the first thing you blurt out to me?”Carlos Sobera asked Mariví after his definition. “I always think about it. I need, if not 24 hours, at least 16 a day“, answered the girl in the bar of the premises.

“I need my partner to put up with me and what, If I want sex in the morning, at dawn or at noon, tell me yes, do not argue that you are tired or anything. I have already had relationships like this and it is not to my liking, “said Mariví in one of her first camera totals, adding that she wanted to find a black boy.

Later, Mariví saw her wishes fulfilled and met Mario, a black delivery man and music producer in black, who defined himself as an “all or nothing” guy: “I dedicate myself a lot, I am affectionate, romantic … I express my feelings more with deeds than with words”.

Once seated at the table, the truth is that the subject of sex was a subject that centered the meeting between them. In fact, Marivi asked Mario if he liked experimental on the sexual plane, revealing other of his intimate tastes when the Cuban answered a it depends: “When I have a partner, I like to have threesomes with women, not with men “.

“It is the first time in 29 years that they say that to me. As a man I put a red carpet and an audience on the sides to applaud him because he deserves it. I have never done a threesome, but if the opportunity presents itself, then go ahead “, Mario said with a laugh in front of the camera. “I gave my ex partner threesomes for his birthday … but he ended up cheating on me for being a fool, and he lost me. To this day he is begging, “said Mariví.

After having dessert in the booth, the good connection between the two was decisive in ‘The final decision’, since they both wanted to have a second date with the other. “She is the type of girl that I like, she draws my attention,” Mario explained before leaving the ‘First Dates’ restaurant.


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