Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Marisol de Sancho, munificent in charity - The Province

Marisol de Sancho, munificent in charity - The Province

It is a very hard blow to lose a friend, when the roots of friendship are based on the earliest childhood and its cultivation throughout a lifetime. It happens to me with the recent death of Marisol de Sancho Santana, friend and neighbor of childhood and youth, collaborator in Church actions, mainly in the parish of San Bernardo in the time of Don Olegario, José Cástor, Agustín Chil, José Domínguez, José Déniz , Enrique Dorta and Ricardo González as rectors of the same, in works of Catholic Action, Cáritas, promotion and social development of apostolic management. Munificent in charity while he was full of faculties - even in times when health was weakened - the spirit and activity of Marisol never declined, it was always an angel who took great pains to provide happiness and well-being to those who needed it. The neighborhoods of San Antonio, El Polvorín, San Lázaro, Hoya de La Plata... they have been orphans of the work and help that Marisol provided to her people and now the pain of her departure is immense, although it consoles the confidence in knowing that God has compensated her by keeping her with Him.

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Next Wednesday, day 16, at seven o'clock in the afternoon in the parish of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, in Vegueta, a funeral mass will be officiated that the Choir Our Lady of the Rosary will sing, directed by Pepita Verona, to which Marisol belonged for decades as mezzosoprano. There we will share affection and prayer with his brothers Maripili, José Marcelo and Esther; nephews Pilina, Malene, Ismael and Saray; nephews Hector and Guille grandchildren and other dear family. Rest in peace, Marisol.


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