Marisa Paredes puts Miguel Bose in his place and thinks of Ayuso: "It's unpresentable"

Marisa Paredes interviewed by Cristina Pardo

Marisa Paredes interviewed by Cristina Pardo
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Cristina Pardo interviewed this weekend in 'Liarla Pardo' to Marisa Paredes. The veteran actress reviewed the news without fear of getting wet, for example, on Isabel Diaz Ayuso, which he defined as "this being" and "unpresentable" that "has done atrocities in Madrid". "There are Communities that have done better than you, Mrs. Ayuso, we are going to be clear," he said.

The interpreter has regretted that Spain is a "mainly tourist" countrySince "although it is clear that we have sunshine and that people come, that also means that everything else does not develop, such as science or research, everything that makes the basis of a country so as not to depend on others". "It is clear that we have little money, but whatever we have to give possibilities, and that people study and work, not just in bars. "

Paredes asked "to build schools, hospitals, factories, roads" and that "those who have the most pay more taxes." Instead, he asked for more support for culture: "Culture has to pay less taxes, we are paying 21% and that is nonsense, while in all countries 6%, 8% or 10% is paid ".

The actress also gave her opinion on Miguel Bosé, with which the actress starred in the film 'Heels Far' by Pedro Almodovar. Although he has affirmed that he still loves the singer, he assures that he does not recognize him: "We have not been friends, we have been everything. I want it, but I don't recognize it. I recognize his right to be wrong, nothing more, but of course he is wrong, "he argued.

Paredes believes that Bosé "has all the right in the world, as Victoria April (which was also in said film) to think what you think ", but says:"It is an unfortunate mistake because they are known and there are many people who can believe it. "" If we are here, it is because they have given us vaccines against smallpox, measles, typhus ... " ? The millions of people who have died? What is the vaccine for the virus? What are pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of? But that has always happened, not now; it also happened with aspirin. "


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