Marisa de Azcárate: "They want a job but they don't want to work"

"You were looking for a house. —And I found the Jerez casino, which seemed big for a house but could be a hotel. I had collected some shares of a family business and I got down to it. I need to have a business activity. —5 stars, great luxury —Everyone told me that Jerez was a very difficult place and even more so for a 5 star, and they recommended that I do it with a 3 or 4. —It was the year 2015. —They told me that in Spain there was luxury tourism and I thought it was because we didn't have the right offer and I built the Casa Palacio María Luisa. We have done very well. -Sherry. —It is near Puerto de Santa María, it has golf courses nearby. But above all it is beautiful. It is urban. Just visit their churches. If you visit churches in Jerez, those in Seville seem like chapels. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the wealth of sherry was impressive. While the rest of Spain ate its nose, the people of Jerez sent their children to study in London. It was a center of power, of religion. The first train was built, it had the first pipes. Now it has gone a little less, but that splendor is still noticeable in the structures. —What is a 5-star Grand Luxury? —Now the measurement system has changed and it is by points. Depending on the services you give, you add more points. That's fine, but it's also true that it favors large companies, which are the ones that can make pools, spas and all these more expensive infrastructures. "How did you get it?" —I emptied the building inside and put 21st century technology in it. Everything so that there is no humidity, and there is silence and a suitable temperature. —Retrieve at source. —I recovered all the heritage of the building but not leaving it as it was to make it look old, but rather returning it to its splendor. That is why it is said "in origin". When they restored the Sistine Chapel it looked as if Michelangelo had finished painting it half an hour ago. Well that. -The service. —The impeccable service creates the well-being of what you do not see. —Europe, America. —There are very few true Grand Luxury 5 stars. There are more in Asia. -Why? —Because a great dedication to service is needed to serve well. —There is no vocation to serve. —There is no vocation to work. Everybody wants a job, but nobody wants to work. I am in favor of workers' rights, and in favor of treating them in the best possible way and paying them as well as possible, but they also have to be aware that they have duties to the company. -8 hours. "This alone is very hard to inculcate." I pay them for 8 hours of work, not for them to have their coffee, spend some time on the internet or talk on the phone. The company owes you good conditions but you owe the company a good job. -His team. —The success of my hotels lies in the great team of excellent professionals. It's been tough and I've made a lot of changes. But don't be lazy about this. You have to look for the best. And if you make a mistake, you change, until you find the good ones. —My father-in-law says that he did not educate his children to go to the campsite but to go to 5-star hotels, because he hoped that life would go well for them. —He who knows how to behave in a 5-star hotel knows how to behave in a campsite and not the other way around. You have to educate at a high level because they will always know how to behave. You have to take children to good restaurants so that they learn to eat and learn to be. Today they are not educated well in Spain. This idea that children can do whatever they want is disastrous. —The gypsy from Jerez. —I'm tired of the rich people in Spain. A 5 star is for everyone. Not for every day, but for everyone. When I work I go to an AC or an NH but if we go with my husband to pay tribute to Santander, or San Sebastián, and he puts me in an NH, I'll kill him. Some time ago the gypsy from Jerez came to the hotel and said that he wanted his daughter to spend her wedding night in the most beautiful hotel in the city. He had saved up and was able to give it to her.

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