Mario Jefferson's '11 voices': this is how his version of Rigoberta Bandini's 'Ay mama' sounds

mario jefferson He never ceases to amaze with his talent when it comes to imitating voices. The artist has been on everyone's lips in recent hours for the publication of a video in which he performs his own version of 'Ow mom'the theme of Rigoberta Bandini who reached second place in the benidorm fest. For this, she has recreated the voices of eleven Spanish pop artists.

The singer has shown his followers how the aforementioned song would sound if they interpreted it Danny Martin, melendiConchita, Leire Martinez (Van Gogh's Ear)Paulina Rubio, Amaia Montero, Eva Amaral, ShakiraBebe, Angeles Muñoz (Camel) and Monica Naranjo.

A fun mix with a result that has been highly applauded on social networks like Twitterwhere Mario's video has not taken long to go viral. "Your favorite artists come together on this female empowerment song. Let's stop the city!"wrote the singer on the aforementioned platform.

There is no doubt that Mario Jefferson's abilities to imitate would give a lot of play in 'Your face is familiar to me'. Numerous anonymous people have asked on many occasions his signing for the talent show of Antenna 3as well as colleagues such as Rosa López, Xuso Jones, Ruth LawrenceSoraya, Lorena Gómez, María Villalón or Blaise sang.

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