Mario Casas returns to TV with "Instinto", an "emotional, physical and sexual" challenge

Mario Casas returns to TV with "Instinto", an "emotional, physical and sexual" challenge

Mario Casas returns to television with "Instinto", a series of Movistar + that was presented this Sunday at the Malaga Festival where the Galician "throws himself into the pool", as he explained himself graphically, because "the caliber" of his character has been an "emotional, physical and sexual" challenge.

"It has been a pleasure and an opportunity to interpret this character, I am very proud, it was difficult and complicated for me, and I think it has been great, I hope that people enjoy", said Casas, causing a laugh at the press conference where They presented the series, because "Instinct" has wicks of erotic cinema and does not hide any part of the actor's body from the first chapter.

"I hope that people enjoy it and have a good time," said Galician, who has highlighted "the flight" of his character that will not know the fundamental until almost the end. "We worked knowing what was happening to him, but I think it's interesting that the public does not know until almost the end," he said.

Casas is Marco Mur, a successful young businessman, millionaire and asocial who suffers constant anxiety attacks that do not calm him down, not even with his numerous visits to the luxury private club where he practices his sexual fantasies "bondage".

All around are multimillion-dollar contracts, intelligent and impressive women in equal parts, high-tech projects with renewable energies and a lot of exclusivity "and elegance", adds the director of the series, Carlos Sedes ("Fariña"), as well as scabrous stories, including that of his mother, spectacular Lola Dueñas in his first television role.

Also noteworthy is the role of Casas' younger brother Óscar, who plays Mur's brother with autism. "It has been incredible to do José, with the special thing that he is, he transmits a lot of freedom, he is freedom", points out the teenager, who rehearsed with psychologists and soaked up the character in a center for boys with the same disorder, as he said.

In the cast, Ingrid García-Jonsson as José's caregiver; Silvia Alonso, in the role of Eva, "an engineer that symbolizes temptation and has much mystery," says the actress; Jon Arias as Diego, the partner, and Bruna Cusí as Diego's girlfriend and advisor to the company.

Sedes has opted for an "atmosphere of luxury, but also with morbid: white and less white illusions are sought, and over time we will know why Marco goes to that type of club," he comments on the most shocking scenario of the series, which irrevocably evokes "Eyes wide shut", by Kubrick, recognizes the director.

"And they have cut things," reports Mario Casas and confirms the director. "It's that if you go from there, what comes out is sordid, it would not be elegant," says the actor.

"After shooting 'Instinct,'" Sedes added, "my life seems boring."

Teresa Fernández-Valdés, from the Bambú production company, responsible for series such as "Velvet", "Fariña" or "Las chicas del cable", has defined "Instinct" as an "erotic thriller that delves into the psychology of the characters and speaks of many types of love, and also of desire, and how, when they are sometimes confused, things become tricky. "

He also congratulated the "courage" of the Festival for presenting the series and the actors who agreed to work on the series: "Not everyone dares," he said.

For its part, Susana Herreras, producer of Movistar + has specified that the series comes complete on demand next May 10.


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