Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

Mario Casas and Javier Gutiérrez premiere “Hogar” on Netflix

If we were misthought, we would argue that Netflix would have orchestrated a campaign (extendable to other platforms) to seclude ourselves at home and devour almost compulsively, one after the other, each movie and series in its catalog. Becoming dependent on that “silly box” that now, more than ever, teaches us what happens two meters beyond what we see through the window. At the epicenter of the pandemic, Netflix reminds us that it is time to stay home and presents the “Home” of directors Álex and David Pastor. More direct impossible. However, it is only a whim of fate. They would have liked to premiere, as planned, at the Malaga Festival. Just as it has been a coincidence the launch of “The hole” within all this calico. Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s debut film locks us, along with Iván Massagué, in a “vertical self-management center” where the most primal instincts will emerge and where survival does not depend on oneself, but on the compassion of those who go ahead of you. Come on, a metaphor of what going to the supermarket has become today; especially to get hold of one of those rolls of toilet paper that are on the rise.

In Home, the connection to the present comes in a different way. Not so much for the confinement (only that of its protagonists during the presentation of the fiction to the Press) but for the criticism of outrageous consumerism. “This film comes to the hair,” says Javier Gutiérrez. «Not only because it is called“ Home ”in times when we are asked to confine ourselves and stay at home, but because it speaks of the ruthless world in which we live. The one that forces us to buy compulsively and that leaves no room for human beings. Now we are realizing the excessive time that we dedicate to work and superficial things and that we must focus on the small aspects of life, “explains the actor via webcam in his living room. Not surprisingly, his character, with whom he shares a name, is one of those dream makers that have brought us here, a publicist who turns everything against him. “His dream fades away like a house of cards and ends up becoming his worst nightmare.”

After a year in unemployment, the protagonist is forced, along with his family, to leave a floor that he can no longer afford. Until he discovers that he keeps a set of keys to his old house. Thus, he begins to spy on the couple that now enjoys her and little by little, he will infiltrate the lives of the new owners determined to recover what has been lost, even if that means destroying whoever gets in their way. That is none other than Tomás, played by Mario Casas who tries, in part, to justify this desperate unemployed person: “He is still the product of a society.” While for the directors it is «the dream of the Spanish middle class turned into a nightmare». In this way, the film “reflects on the desire generated by advertising, the search for happiness through consumerism and the status as a barometer to measure personal achievement.” He who is not a winner is little less than a waste. “The comforts of capitalist society quickly become essential needs, the luxuries become inalienable. And their loss becomes a personal affront, a defeat, even a humiliation, “continue the Shepherds.

Sneaky meddling

The film of the directors’ own instinct is born. To feel that same impulse of the protagonist. They had just made a move and were left with a set of keys, and it was then that they launched their imaginations to create “Home.” It was not the same, but something similar happened to Gutiérrez, he explains: «I paid a visit to the house where I lived as a child and ventured to enter the portal and reach the storage room where I played as a child. The feeling was very curious. He was sneaky, on the one hand, but at the same time, he connected me with the boy I was, although he didn’t have a plan B in case a neighbor came out to ask », he laughs from the confinement.

The team from today’s premiere can be considered lucky. They did not come to Malaga for viral reasons, but they do have the opportunity to arrive in day and time for their final launch on Netflix. Casas knows this well: “We are one of the privileged few to be able to issue work.”


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