Marino and Tamaraceite start at home; Las Palmas Atltico, in Cdiz - The Province

The desired schedule of Second B. October 18 is the date set for the competition to start in the bronze category of Spanish football. The debutants Marine and Tamaraceite will inaugurate the league against San Fernando and the Linense, respectively; while Las Palmas Athletic He will do it against Cádiz B.

This year, Second B has the novelty of the division into two subgroups in each territorial faction, so the first phase will be composed of a total of 10 teams. These measures taken by the Spanish Football Federation to manage the effect of covid-19, leave a new tournament ahead, divided into three phases.

The first will be played in the regular league format, resulting in a second phase with three specific groups (Second Phase for Second Division, Second Phase for First Division RFEF and Second Phase for Permanence in Second Division RFEF) and the third will correspond to the Play Off of Promotion to Second Division.

To understand it, in the first phase they will dispute 18 matches in the group of Canarian teams; of the result of this league, the first three classified from the ten groups will form a new phase for the Second Division. The equipment remaining from the fourth to sixth will access the Second Phase for the RFEF First Division and the classified seventh to tenth place they will play the Phase for Permanence in Second Division RFEF.

Regarding the calendar, the first derby between Canarian teams will take place on November 8 with the dispute of the Marine-Tamaraceite; while the first clash between Gran Canaria will be on January 10, 2021 between Las Palmas Atlético and the Tamara in the Siete Palmas Annex.

Together with the three Canarian teams, subgroup A is made up of: Algeciras, Atlético Sanluqueño, Cádiz B, Marbella, Linense, Recreativo de Huelva and San Fernando.


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