Marina Abramovic: “I need the discipline to make my art”

Marina Abramovic has been sleeping away from home for a long time. Trips and more trips, jobs, press conferences, television sets. And this week, he is no more: intense presence in Asturias to pick up the Princess of the Arts award. And more interviews, more meetings with the public … More life, because the artist who has made the performance a masterpiece in motion is a lover with an open grave from day to day. From second to second.

That’s why he laughs often (humor as a survival tool), that’s why -he confesses to LA NUEVA ESPAÑA- he loves to be told jokes the louder the betterThat is why she maintains a constant dialogue with her body to keep it in shape. And it is that Abramovic affirms that “I need the discipline to do what I do”, and more so now that he is going through the seventh decade of life.

“Discipline, determination and motivation” are the three pillars on which Abramovic’s artistic vitality is sustained, and that “is incompatible with a family life, with having children, with having pets.” All for him art, for art she does everything, including constant exercise and staying away from tobacco or alcohol: “Staying strong physically and mentally is essential”.


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