June 15, 2021

Marín reiterates that he does not support the parental pin and that the “focus” is financing

The vice president of the Board and leader of Citizens in Andalusia, Juan Marín, reiterated on Tuesday that he does not agree with the parental pin and has asked that the “focus”, which is the financing of public services such as education, not be diverted .

Marín, who has attended the closing of the Exceltur Forum in Madrid, has told reporters that “there is no agreement with Vox” regarding the parental pin and added that the educational regulations in Andalusia “already establishes criteria when it comes to that parents can decide on their children’s extracurricular activities. “

“If Vox wants to put any ideological position before the general interest of the Andalusians, explain it,” he said.

In addition, he has claimed that the “focus” should not be diverted, which in his opinion is the financing of services such as education that “the Government of Spain does not want to face”, because we must address a reform of the Law on financing of communities autonomous, in which Andalusia “would correspond 4,000 million euros more.”

In this regard, he said that public education has undergone eight reforms in this country and the Government presiding over Pedro Sánchez “wants to make a repeal and a new reform and does not want to reach a national pact for education.”

“That’s where we should meet and not in the discrepancies,” said Marin, who insisted on the need for more means for public education.


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