Marin asks for the vote because it is the time of Citizens and "the change is here"

The candidate of Citizens to the Presidency of the Board, Juan Marín, today called for the vote in the December 2 elections because "now is the time" of his party and has considered that "the change is already here" and the "New time comes hand in hand" from the orange formation.

In the act of 'glued posters' and the beginning of the electoral campaign, Marín asked himself "if we do not do it now who is going to do it for us", and he has asked for support to "show that they are going to turn around Andalusia and put things in place, open the windows and tell PP and PSOE to step aside. "

"The match always starts zero to zero and we will fight if it is necessary until the extension, but that Susana Diaz and Juanma Moreno think that time has run out and new time comes from the hand of Citizens," he emphasized. the Andalusian leader of the orange formation.

He has maintained that they are prepared and have "the best team and everything that others envy," to highlight that Diaz "resents" Pedro Sánchez coming to Andalusia, while he feels "proud" of the presence of national leaders of Citizens

Marín has made the 'glued posters' with the national spokesperson, Inés Arrimadas; the general secretary of Citizens, José Manuel Villegas, and the head of the list for Málaga, Javier Imbroda, in an event that was also attended by the Secretary of Organization, Fran Hervías, and the Communication Secretary, Fernando de Páramo.

"Let's go out to the country to enjoy, because this is a campaign that will mark a new era, we are going to fill the ballot boxes with illusions and orange votes, because now we have to vote for Citizens, now is our time and we are going to win the elections. elections ", has asserted the candidate.


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