October 30, 2020

Marin asks for a clean vote for those who do not want the corruption of PSOE and PP

Marin asks for a clean vote for those who do not want the corruption of PSOE and PP

The candidate of Citizens to the Presidency of the Board, Juan Marín, today called for "a clean vote for those who do not want the corruption of the PSOE or the PP" and warned that "the change of truth can only come from a clean party "like the orange formation.

During an electoral act in the esplanade of the Palacio de Congresos de Granada and before some two hundred people, the regional leader of Ciudadanos has insisted that his party "is not tainted by political corruption and comes to politics with a true vocation for service."

"Voting Citizens is voting for clean politics, saying yes to transparency and honesty, to a sensible policy that does not come to promise anything that can not be fulfilled," said Marín, who stressed that his candidates "are people who he is honest, and with a life outside of politics, that he does not need to live. "

The orange training candidate has guaranteed that his party "is going to explain to the Andalusians what happened to their money" and for that, they will start an audit.

"Those who have been up to now can not fight corruption because they have been living on it, it is going to touch us, because only a game with clean and honest hands can do it," he insisted, adding that they will fight "to that the black hole of the PSOE and its policies look a little clearer ".

In his opinion, this is "a matter of justice for those who have not had opportunities because some have been putting their hands in their pockets."

Marín has reproached that the president of the Junta and socialist candidate, Susana Diaz, spoke of instability to advance the elections when "the advance has been caused by corruption" and has maintained that Ciudadanos is going to "get Diaz from San Telmo and invite her to that goes to the street, not only when there are elections, but when the citizens need it ".

Marín has accused of being nervous "those who are going to leave San Telmo on December 2 and they ran out of the beach bar and take our hair to the Andalusians", and criticized that "there is no day that Díaz does not say a thing and Pedro Sánchez does not hit him with the door in his face. "

"You agree, because that creates instability, stop quarreling between you once and for all," said the Andalusian leader of Citizens, who has lamented "the messes of the old policy, which are also those of Pablo Married to Juanma Moreno "in PP.


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