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the young singer neighborhood Marilia, for 18 years, has been selected for the television program 'Operation win'. Gala 0 interpret an issue of your favourite artist, Natalia Lafourcade, 'Cinnamon skin', and in Gala 1 have highlighted its sweetness and beautiful timbre of voice in the meloda "Alfonsina and the sea".

Marilia, from 18 years old and born in Gáldar, has just entered the Academy of the television program operation triumph for which was selected last Wednesday, 19 September, singing a version of the topic Piel Canela from your favorite artist, Natalia Lafourcade. In Gala 1 has performed excellently Alfonsina and the Sea.

the young liked to sing in his house from little. Their parents to see that he had ear and great love of music registered in the Municipal School of music of the village in which remained, from six years of age until quite recently, in that he could not continue because he had to focus on his studies of bachillera to to pass to study nursing. Student of musical language was, therefore, the five years that this hard, singing and piano. In recent times I just collaborated with the coral. It had already obtained the square in nursing but had to postpone College in OT . According to Rubén Guerrero, director of the school, "went one of people who consulted. Asked me whether to go or not to the television program. I am very confident with Marilia because I was brought up from tiny school and am also a director of the municipal music band young used many times as an accompaniment. "I told him entering OT was the opportunity of a lifetime of singing, which take advantage of the experience".

for Guerrero, Marília has a great vocal qualities. "It has very good voice and sings very well", but added that "necessary to highlight even more, its capacity to adapt, to absorb knowledge like a sponge, which will do at the Academy, as well as a capacity of overcoming incredible. "She what is proposed achieves this by working hard", stands out.

the director of the school of music of Gáldar says that the young man adapts to all kinds of music "but with us, with our municipal band, she sang about everything, boleros, traditional music. However, many times it also interprets modern and Latin American issues. Now, when you have to sing in English shall be adjusted very well, both the pronunciation and intonation of the melodies".

Warrior explains that his school has been a pride that Marilia OT and it brings very good conditions for this type of program by naturalness, his sympathy, his gentleness and kindness. From Gáldar going to carry out activities in support of the singer. Says Guerrero "are already making programmes across local radio. The City Council in their social networks is also promoting it. As they progressing galas of the competition, the Department of culture will pose perform actions, such as placing giant screens in the square of the village. According to the participation of Marilia will increase on television the municipal support will make it also".

the participation of the young so far in OT like the Director of the school of music. "The first issue that has played has been very well. In addition, it was very difficult to access the program because it eliminated two possible contestants, but, above all, because he sang the first and had to break the ice, which is musically very hard, although she did great even with logical nerves that first performance of that responsibility. Anyway, with the course of the Gala will be the tables on the stage and how will seating on the program, as it has already seen in 1 Gala where interpreted Alfonsina and the Sea.

the master indicates that "hopefully win this edition of the contest. It is the desire of all, but what we want, above all, is to learn, to live, enjoy the experience, and be happy. The result is the least. If he stays until the end, better, but if comes out before the time that remained inside has benefited him." Adds that it is "an unknown where its participation will take it in OT as that in previous years has been proven how those who have won have not been which has been more successful then".


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