Maribel's family accuses PP and Cs of "analogous behavior to torture" for blocking euthanasia | Society

Maribel's family accuses PP and Cs of "analogous behavior to torture" for blocking euthanasia | Society

The children of Maribel, David and Danel, with their father Txema in the City of Portugalete this Thursday.

The husband and children of Maribel Tellaetxe, the sick woman of Alzheimer who died yesterday and who had asked her family for euthanasia when she no longer recognized them, have accused the PP and Citizens of "analogous behavior to torture" this morning. Just 18 hours after his death, they have been accused of block the proposed PSOE Law at the Congress table on euthanasia Tuesday after Tuesday, and in this way to prevent his mother from having "a dignified death". They consider their maximum responsible, Pablo Casado, Y Albert Rivera, "co-authors of the suffering" that they added to the death of their mother when restraining a regulation that already exists in other EU countries such as Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

"Rivera and Married", they have accused them this morning in the City of Portugalete, "they have given us one last image of our mother that we would never have wanted". With tears in her eyes and very excited, her husband Txema, and two of her three children David and Danel -Rut was in the room but not at the table- have described how Maribel suffered an attack last Wednesday. "He suffered, he had convulsions, his eyes were coming out of their sockets and he wanted to communicate, but he could not, he was looking at us," Danel has described. "I would have preferred that he had been stoned because he would have suffered ten minutes, so he has been suffering for years, that is why I say that they are analogous to torture, and I repeat it," said his son.

Maribel made her children promise that "when she could not love, when she could not recognize them, they would facilitate her death: "You have to help me march," he begged them. In 2006 he wrote them a letter and in January of 2017, when he already verified that the advance of the disease was irreversible and was erasing a large part of his memory, he wrote and recorded a document with your anticipated wills in which she demanded that they help her to die. His family delivered last February 11 in the Congress of Deputies the 182,000 signatures of support - 200,000 go now - to the campaign through in favor of passing a law on euthanasia. They were delivered together with those collected by the family of Luis de Marcos, who died in 2017 of multiple sclerosis, who had requested the same: 280,000 signatures in total.

The children of Maribel and her husband have summoned this morning the PP and Citizens to make public their proposals to prevent this from happening again to anyone. "We want them to say openly, publicly, what their proposals are to avoid this, that they have the courage to face it, and I would not mind," said Danel, who has been open to debate publicly with any of them and with the Bishop of Bilbao, Mario Izeta, "or with the three at the same time," he warned.

The Town Hall of Portugalete (Bizkaia) that has given its facilities to read the statement, and expressed solidarity with this family through a motion in which all parties, except the PP, signed an institutional declaration calling for the decriminalization of Euthanasia.

In one of the most exciting moments, Txema, Danel and David have explained that, despite everything, the four of their mother could say goodbye. "We were able to dismiss everyone holding hands, counting the seconds between each of their breaths, encouraging them to leave, excited, for four minutes ... This can not be hidden in the laws", explained Danel with several breaks to recover your own breath. "Maribel with her fight for what she wanted, for those she wanted, taught us to fight, and we are going to do it until the law is approved," he said. The family of Maribel will present in the coming weeks a documentary about her mother's struggle for a dignified death.


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