October 31, 2020

Maribel dies, the Alzheimer's patient who asked for euthanasia | Society

Maribel dies, the Alzheimer's patient who asked for euthanasia | Society

Today, Maribel Tellaetxe (Barakaldo, 1943) died, the Alzheimer's sick woman who made her husband and her children promise to fulfill their wishes to die in the event that the illness caused him to lose his mind. It was not possible, because Spain continues with the law of euthanasia bogged down in the Congress of Deputies.

When that day came, when I did not recognize them, "You have to help me march", had made Maribel promise to his children David, Danel and Ruth. They tried with all their might despite the pain of having to spend so much time fighting for the will of their mistress (mother in Basque), instead of dedicating herself to being with her. Thus, they even began a campaign in December to approve a euthanasia law on Change.org, which garnered 182,000 signatures of support. They were delivered at the Congress of Deputies on February 11 together with those collected by the family of Luis de Marcos, who died in 2017 of multiple sclerosis, who had requested the same: 280,000 signatures in total.

The Town Hall of Portugalete (Bizkaia) was in solidarity with her and all parties, except the PP, signed an institutional declaration calling for the decriminalization of euthanasia. Maribel came to write a document with his last wills, thinking that the Spanish legislation would advance and allow his dignified march.

The day when Maribel no longer recognized family members and simply opened her mouth to eat, she arrived, and family members faced the crossroads that if they helped her to fulfill her wish, they would go to jail. But, at the same time, they knew that his mother would continue to "suffer without rest." Now, they will continue fighting to decriminalize euthanasia, to avoid what they consider an injustice.

When they took the signatures to Congress on February 11, the end of the legislature was already under consideration. They received representatives of the PSOE, which have a law to decriminalize euthanasia in Congress, pending that Parliament's Bureau stop extending the deadline for amendments to the rule, the PP and Citizens stratagem to prevent the initiative is processed.

The family has sent a statement announcing a press conference for Thursday at the City of Portugalete "to denounce the cruel injustice" of which they have been victims and their amatxu. After 72 hours that are reserved for mourning, they announce that they will continue with their struggle.


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