May 10, 2021

Mariano’s tears at Real Madrid-Barcelona

The forward came out and scored the second goal of the match

Two styles, two radically different worlds. A Real Madrid, happy to the backlash, pure rock and roll, a volcanic team, delighted to have in front of an opponent like FC Barcelona, ​​who kneads the ball, which hides it with an infinite possession, but without verticality.

Quique Setien sure that he received a wise advice from Pep Guardiola in his last talk: the plays are over. Madrid fell to City, because Pep takes out the ax if one of his does not close his offensive actions. If there is no ball to the door, he sends them to the shower. Gabriel Jesus or Sterling do not forgive. Barça, on the other hand, tonight gave wings to Real Madrid’s counterattack in their attacks for not executing their actions on the edge of the area or erring on the last inside pass.

Especially active in the bands Madrid was exhibited, where Carvajal, after his mistake in the Champions League, was a buffalo the whole game. And on the left, with Vinicius, a hundred meter sprinter with a registered trademark, who signed the 1-0, in an action with a story. Toni Kroos televised the clearance to Vinicius. He marked it with his hand. The Brazilian played recordman, Piqué let him into the area and invited him to knock on the door and this time he was right. Piqué was not expected the success and with rebound, Madrid put the Classic on track.

Arthur moves the ball like a windshield. It does not clean players and the night that Messi does not shine, Barcelona does not find the way of the goal. No Messi, no party. It would be the title of a film that Marcelo-Messi had in a pique, the summary of the Classic. Marcelo, without being the fastest in the class, threw a goal ball to Messi running at 30.9 km per hour. Something unusual. The world upside down.

Real Madrid is a world to discover. Mariano, a quarry boy, who does not count for Zidane since he arrived, painted his face at FC Barcelona with a few seconds in the field. It is the perfect example, of manual, for psychologists and elite athletes. You never have to give up. And may inspiration catch you working. That’s what Pablo Picasso said. And that same happened to Mariano tonight. A little bit of Mariano is a lot.


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