Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Mariano Rajoy proposes Ana Rosa to form a political party together

Mariano Rajoy has returned to the TV to promote your book

A better Spain
. For this, he is touring the different sets of the small screen among which he has found the
Ana Rosa's program
, where he went this Wednesday. It has been there where, between question and question, it has been clear with his presenter: he wants to form a political party together.

The highlight of Mariano Rajoy's visit to the Telecinco morning has been his analysis of the political news and how he sees the new Congress of Deputies and the future formation of Government. And, for the former president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez becomes president by agreements with "The extreme left and the independentistas" seems "very bad"

Mariano Rajoy, upset with the formation of the Bureau of Congress

But not only that. After the Bureau of Congress has become a debate over the three positions of United We Can, that Vox has acquired one and that Citizens has run out of any, Mariano Rajoy also wanted to give his opinion. "It seems bad to me that the PP has two positions and Podemos, which has fewer deputies, has three. There is someone who has not added well. ”

For the former president of the Popular Party the fact that this new legislature faces a more fragmented Congress that never opens a new opportunity for him and Ana Rosa Quintana. "We can make a match you and me and we would have more votes than others ”, this one has suggested to a Quintana who has followed the game.

Usera's match with Rajoy

"I already said that I wanted to play Usera ”, she acknowledged before a Rajoy who has assured that she supports her decision. And is that Quintana is upset with the "mamarrachería" existing in the two chambers after the day on Tuesday. "They are representatives of the people and – he has riveted – I want them to represent me as we behave citizens."

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