September 27, 2020

Mariano Rajoy, instead of Casillas, president of the Spanish Football Federation?

As Iker Casillas is not clear about being president of the Spanish Football Federation, or presenting himself against Rubiales, an option that according to Cope is moving is that of Mariano Rajoy, former president of the Government and that he would not see him with bad eyes

Mariano Rajoy has always been passionate about sports and few like him have executive experience, he also knows very well what it is to win an election.

The problem is that the Federation elections are unique, the regional presidents vote, among others, and it is difficult to get support. It is a system in which the president who is in command has a lot of ancestry.

Although Rajoy’s name could already be supported by himself, if in the end it happens as Cope has said, it would be a surprise and we should see how the world of football reacts. And also if Casillas definitely does not take the step.


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