April 15, 2021

María Villalón wins the final of 'Tu cara me suena 2019' | TV

María Villalón wins the final of 'Tu cara me suena 2019' | TV

María Villalón is the winner of the seventh edition of Your face is familiar to me. The singer rose as the winner of the program in which famous compete against each other imitating different singers in a very close final. Very close was the singer Carlos Baute, who finished in second place in the voting of the public, while Soraya Arnelas was third classified. Villalón prevailed with his imitation of Pasión Vega interpreting Green eyes. Before, Mimi and Jordi Coll had been in fourth and fifth position, respectively.

The space led by Manel Fuentes started this season with its second best historical premiere (22.2% of the screen share) and the most watched of the day with 2,648,000 viewers. The program has maintained an average of 20% of Compartir and 2,573,000 spectators, leading the Friday night since its premiere.

Since the start of the gala, Manel Fuentes opened the telephone lines so that viewers could vote for the finalists of the seventh edition: Soraya Arnelas, Mimi, Carlos Baute, Maria Villalon and Jordi Coll. Soraya played a song from the soundtrack of The great showman, Mimi became Lady Gaga, Baute became Manolo Escobar, Villalón in Pasión Vega and Jordi Coll became Bon Jovi.

The rest of the contestants who did not reach the final also had their moment of prominence on Friday night. Anabel Alonso was Lina Morgan, Manu Sánchez became Manuel Carrasco, José Corbacho in Miguel Bosé and Brays Efe in Miki, performing The band, the theme that will represent Spain in the next Eurovision festival.


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