Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

María Teresa Campos complains against the environment she has ‘killed’

Maria Teresa Campos has announced that he intends to undertake legal actions against the media that has published a News with a headline that prompted to think that there was passed away. This headline has caused Toñi Moreno, host of MyHyV, had to leave the program by reading the news just 30 seconds before starting the program Four.

It has been Marta Flich, the substitute of Risto Mejide in Everything is a lie (Four) the one has informed about the legal measures that the veteran presenter plans to undertake. And the news was entitled "Just died" with a picture of Maria Teresa Campos, which prompted to click on it to read and realize, later, that who had just died was the journalist Pepe Oneto.

Marta Flich, in 'Everything is a lie' by Cuatro and the supposed death of María Teresa Campos

Marta Flich, in 'Everything is a lie' by Cuatro and the supposed death of María Teresa Campos

However, the aforementioned medium -very well known for always publishing headlines that have little to do with the reality of what one is in their news- alluded to the subtitle of the controversial fake news that María Teresa Campos was “very touched” by the death from Oneto. Nothing else.

The problem has come this noon, when Toñi Moreno, a few seconds after entering live in Women and men and vice versa, the headline has read and it has been thought that the one who had just died was Maria Teresa herself. With a visible nervous breakdown, he had to leave the set and ask Nagore Robles to take charge of the program. Minutes later he has returned, and later apologizing to the audience and reading a message from the alleged deceased who said: "I am not dead, I am alive, but they will kill me upset."

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