October 31, 2020

María Sevilla: The president of a children's association arrested for kidnapping her son | Society

María Sevilla: The president of a children's association arrested for kidnapping her son | Society

The National Police has arrested María Sevilla, leader of the Asociation Free childhood, by an alleged offense of child abduction after failure to comply with a sentence that granted custody to the father of his son and keep this isolated on a farm in Cuenca, out of school, for six months. According to police sources have confirmed, the arrest of María Sevilla took place at dawn on Saturday in the town of Villar de Cañas Cuenca and after being brought to justice was released on charges.

María Sevilla appeared in 2017 before the Committee on the Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Congress of Deputies as president of Infancia Libre, which she described as "a non-profit association that is born of a group of people, relatives and professionals who have known the deficiencies of the system to protect children from sexual abuse or from a intrafamily child abuse ". He requested protection for minors who suffer sexual aggression or abuse.

The Police Headquarters of Madrid reported Monday on the operation that led to this arrest, although without confirming the name of the arrested. The woman was in search and capture since September 2018 for not complying with a court ruling granting the father custody of his 11-year-old son after a divorce.

The investigators verified that the boy had not been schooled nor taken care of in any sanitary center of Spain, and finally they managed to locate it in the province of Cuenca. It was an estate of 6,000 square meters in an urbanization depopulated and completely fenced, with security measures that prevented check what was happening inside, has specified the Headquarters.

After several weeks of surveillance, the agents found that a man, current couple of the detainee, left the plot on some occasions and made purchases, but did not see the child. Finally, they saw that sometimes that man took the child to take a short walk with his mother in the vicinity, after checking that there was no one watching them. They also saw another minor on the farm who turned out to be the daughter of the woman and her current partner. The agents entered the house early Saturday morning and arrested the mother for an alleged offense of child abduction.


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