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María Scythe does not come to ask for forgiveness | Culture

María Scythe does not come to ask for forgiveness | Culture

María Guadaña has a lot to tell in a musical debut with tension, darkness, elegance and magical realism. His first single, released on February 1, is Death, a theme that, despite the title, defines as a song to life. "The more present you have that you can die at any time the more you value the life you have. The fact that people think that they are going to die of greater many times causes that delays dreams and objectives ", emphasizes while it rejects that it is a negative song. Simply, it is the one that does not ask, the equalizer, the malquerida, the envious good lover, the fleshless ...

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Throughout his life, he explains, his two great life turns have been in the wake of deaths of nearby people. Thus, the death of his father was the trigger that caused him to say: now or never. "I think we live in a society in which death is not present at all, and if we had it more present, we would all live happier." This seems to be the goal of Herminia Martínez (Jaén, 1976): reborn from past pain. For this reason, he debuted with an EP entitled Pagan remedies, which opens on March 15, and with which it seeks to remove everything that was kept inside and needed to heal. This work brings together five themes composed of it, lyrics, music and structure, and then passed through the filter of the producer and sound engineer Tonio Martínez.

This Jaen, who remembers Natalia Lafourcade in her style, has been surrounded by music since she was a child. "My family is very musical, in my house they listened to a lot of music and they always took me to many concerts". In addition, he has always worked in music, "but in the technical part, in the production". "I guess, now in the long run and seen with perspective, I've been on that side because I've always been attracted to the artistic part," he reflects. But the moment had not arrived, he recognizes after spending the last years forming himself in song and diverse instruments.

But now, technically prepared and with many emotions to convey, María Guadaña lands this Thursday on the stages of the Caracol room along with José Domingo, INC and Chencho Fernández in the concert presentation of the new music development office Palosanto DM. Always in contact with music, has been influenced by many styles. And which one do you stay with? "I'd like to ...", hesitates. "I think he's in the rock," he decides, but he acknowledges that, although not consciously, he can have a folkloric touch, of Latin American and Spanish tunes, after 19 years working at the festival of Encuentros Étnicos del Sur, known as Etnosur , listening to music from all over the world. "In the end, it opens your ear, or your head, to other rhythms, to other sounds, to other instruments that finally appear".

And not only have they appeared with Deathwhose election as single, says the singer, has been "for the uniqueness of its content, because there are not really too many songs that talk about death and that are not absurdly macabre or gloat in pain". These rhythms also shine in the other four themes: The non-girlfriend, Pilgrim, Oxytocin Y How much beauty. Themes with which the artist sends a clear message: "María Guadaña is a strong aunt and does not come here to ask for forgiveness, on the contrary she comes to burst some of them".


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