María Ros: “My mother said that her own friends denounced my father”

María Ros, 81, shows the letters left by her father, shot.  Stand up, your son.

María Ros, 81, shows the letters left by her father, shot. Stand up, your son.
Alex Dominguez

“The morning before the day they were going to kill him, he wrote a letter to my mother and another to his. He knew how to write very well but the poor thing was nervous,” he said this Monday. Maria Ros, 81, daughter of Jose Ros Molina, in reference to the outline of the letters, now framed, that he wrote a few hours before being executed. A person from the Alicante prison (Benalúa) where he was imprisoned promised to send them to his widow. His daughter was able to take them this Monday to the foot of the mass grave where she hopes that the remains of her father, murdered when she was only 11 months old, will be: she grew up listening to her mother tell her that “it was for retaliation. The same friends and neighbors denounced him because he did not want to join the same party. Exploded war, they told him he had to go with them to his party, but my father, who was a farmer, said that he was with the workers. It was because of that. ”

Luis Sebastián with the photos of his uncle Vicente Gamuz. Alex Dominguez

José Ros’s widow searched for his remains until 2009, the year he died, even in the Alicante Cemetery “where they didn’t give us a reason. We came every year and they told us why we wanted to look for some bones or a skull that were not his“The same happened to the family of Vicente Gamuz Andreu, a native of Orihuela. For decades his three nephews have searched for him. This Monday one of them, Luis Sebastián, now a neighbor of Elda, wept when he remembered his 24-year-old uncle, single, without children, “they killed him for belonging to the UGT, for being a member. They declared him an enemy of the regime, and they made a very summary judgment. We hope to get him out, that this ends and that grandfather, uncle and mother can rest. This is very strong, after 80 years. ” The man also said that his family was forbidden to talk about the disappearance and that only his mother dared, “a priest said not to remove things, and all that makes you very angry and helpless.”

Francisca Martín and her daughters María Teresa and Isabel Marcos They went to the cemetery this Monday with the sentence of the summary trial of Rafael Bailén, his grandfather and great-grandfather, respectively, where it appears that he was arrested for “leftist ideology”, for joining the Communist Party and “taking part in the destruction of religious images” doing mock ornaments. This family from Almoradí also has the death certificate without date or cause of death (he was shot on the wall of the Cemetery) and they have discovered that Rafael had a brother, Francisco, who died in 1943, whose existence no one spoke to them in the family . The first eleven that are searched in this grave are part of the approximately 400 shot after a summary trial in the city from different locations in Alicante (Alicante, Callosa de Segura, Alcoy, Elche, Novelda, Orihuela, Castalla, Aspe and Elda) and also from Madrid, Albacete, Murcia or Almería.


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