María Pérez, without a medal, but manages to qualify for the Games in the 20 km march

María Pérez was happy to cross the finish line ... Or at least it seemed. He closed and clenched his fists. He was eighth in the World Athletics in the 20 kilometers march. ""He raised his arms on the goal was especially for family members, who in the end are the ones who have a bad time on TV," the Grenadine explained later. "I take the thorn not to take me a medal. I had that goal and that is what I fought for. In the last laps they gave me quadriceps cramps. I will have to recover now, "Maria continued explaining. She was sincere, because before the competition she said that she thought about the Olympic square rather than metal, but it felt good, physically fine, after a long preparation because the World Cup is being in October, two months after what is usually usual.China's dominance was extraordinary: Liu, the favorite, champion of the title, Olympic champion and record holder, won who at times seemed to care the night, the heat ... everything He looks like a robot, always ahead, without feeling or suffering, in appearance, his compatriot Qieyang followed her and the bronze went to Yang.

It is very much the level of Asians. This, together with the heat and, above all, the humidity, which reached 71 percent, was responsible for making the selection. At times the refreshment area was chaos, with marchers collecting water, ice, with flying bottles, with athletes who slip and go to the ground because everything was wet. Maria lost contact with her head soon, but always had her lurking, thinking of a comeback that finally did not come. "Everything has been decided in the last 5,000. I knew that if I held back calmly it could be a medal, but it could not be. I am left with that I have the fixed place for Tokyo and with which I have been the first European," said María Pérez , who did not know what to do with the cap he had: he put it on, took it off, changed it and ended up entering the goal with his hair in the air, soaked.

Everything that happened serves as an experience for the near future. She is only 23 years old and is already a European champion. A year ahead to seek to improve and be up in the Games. "In Tokyo it will also be hard, but I think I'm on the right track. You have to keep working," explained the Spaniard.

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