Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

María Perego, the creator of the Topo Gigio mouse, dies

Little had to imagine Maria Perego, a Venetian born in 1923, that her life in the puppet theater would end up bearing fruit to one of the most animated television characters of all time: mouse
Topo Gigio. Today his creative He has died of a heart attack, at the age of 96, leaving a puppet orphaned that marked three generations.

It was in 1959 when Perego, along with her husband Federico Caldura, created this animated figure of a mouse that some say which served as inspiration to create Mickey Mouse himself. Of course, Topo Gigio used a new wireless technique that nobody had seen on television yet.

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Quickly, his fame jumped borders. He arrived on the screens of the United States, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico. And he got to rub shoulders with artists such as Frank Sinatra or Louis Armstrong, among others.

Although in Italy his main partner in various television programs was Raffaella Carrá, in Spain he became famous in the 80s although his first appearance was in the early 60s, along with Ana María Solsona in the TVE program Friends of Tuesday. [/ embed] data-youtube-vid>

His popularity skyrocketed with the recording of a joint song with Enrique and Ana called Cuchichí
. Children's magazines and a series of educational books were published. Not to forget its passage, already in the 90s, by Telecinco by the hand of the Brazilian Xuxa and his unforgettable appearances in Xuxa Park.

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