María Patiño responds to Rocío Flores’s warning: “Don’t give me a pulse regarding false complaints”

The journalist María Patiño.

The journalist María Patiño.

Maria Patiño unveiled last weekend in ‘Socialite’ what was his own Antonio David Flores who hung up the posters accusing him of “abuser” to victimize himself. This Wednesday in ‘The Ana Rosa program’, Dew Flowers He responded to the presenter without mentioning her directly: “I will take legal action against all the people who accuse me of making a false report”.

A warning that the collaborator of Save me has not been overlooked. During the afternoon of yesterday he took the turn to speak to make things clear to Antonio David’s daughter: “I have always believed in the reintegration of people. For me, the easiest thing in the world is to pull back and tell you, Rocío, that at the time it was shown that you reported your mother and that the report was false, because the crime was committed by you and thus it was accredited “.

In this sense, Patiño made a recommendation: “Do not give me a pulse regarding false reports, whyand you already know what happened at the time and what your father tried to sell both in this production company and for my partner Gustavo to take a photograph of your detained mother. ”

“I have not accused you of making a false complaint,” the journalist stressed during the broadcast of ‘Save me’, where she also emphasized that the number of posters was much smaller than what had been said at first: “From 500 posters to more than one, two or three, there is an important difference”.

Patiño assured that Antonio David is “very nervous” because, apparently, he would be trying “That neighbors who did not see it say they saw it”. Kiko Hernández, meanwhile, contributed that “the only” person who saw the posters in question was Marta Riesco, reporter ‘El program de Ana Rosa’ with whom the former civil guard has been linked.


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