María Patiño leaves the set of ‘Sálvame’ after ending up screaming with Marta López: “False!”

Maria Patiño leaves the plate of & # 039; Save me & # 039 ;.

Maria Patiño leaves the plate of ‘Save me’.

This Thursday in ‘Save me’ there was a tense clash between María Patiño and Marta López which ended with the presenter of ‘Socialité’ leaving the set of the program. It all came down to the analysis they were doing in the program on the profiles of Kiko Matamoros’s girlfriend and his daughter, Anita, on the networks.

The collaborator assured that his daughter had vetoed her partner, something that Marta López confirmed: “Kiko’s girlfriend and I have had the same manager, and we are called the same. Luckily or unfortunately I have seen invoices and I have to say that Kiko is right“said the gathering, which made Patiño explode: “You speak two languages, one way in front and another way behind. I know it as hunger.”


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