Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

María Patiño collapses live interviewing Màxim Huerta

María Patiño se derrumba en directo

The return of Màxim Huerta to the television to present his new book, Improvised intimacy, is leaving stellar moments. If last Wednesday was his reunion with Ana Rosa Quintana in Telecinco where he talked about depression; Now, they are the tears what María Patiño ended up spilling during the conversation he had with the Valencian.

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The presenter of
He delved into the journalist's short political career during the Government of Pedro Sánchez. His story told him it reached so much to the heart that Patiño could not contain the emotion to hear that it was one of the hardest stages of his life. And it is that Huerta was the one who ended up comforting her.

María Patiño de collapses when interviewing Màxim Huerta in 'Socialité'

María Patiño de collapses when interviewing Màxim Huerta in 'Socialité'

The trajectory of Màxim Huerta as Minister of Culture and Sports was the shortest in political history. Barely a week in office and the journalist delivered his letter of resignation after a controversy with the Treasury. And before going before the cameras to present it, he rewrote the speech many times, because "To each paragraph I cried, to each paragraph I died, María".

Here, the writer also felt "little protected" by Pedro Sánchez. In fact, Huerta assures that the President of the Government did not even call him after resigning, nor was interested in him when this hard chapter of his life arrived. Here Màxim released a resounding "no" at the question of Patiño.

"It has been eleven months of shame, fear, censorship and pain," he said. to the point of needing to go to a psychologist. Although his greatest support came from his mother, always "from the silence".

We do not know if it was the words that Maximilian used, his sincerity and firmness when speaking, or the emotion that radiated ... but that live conversation touched the heart of the presenter of Socialité. So much so, that María Patiño was the whole interview with tears in her eyes until, finally, she collapsed. It was Huerta who ended up comforting her.

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