June 15, 2021

María Nuñez, the goodbye of a ‘Warrior’

With these words, María Núñez Nistral announced through social networks her withdrawal from the playing fields. The 32-year-old international pivot from Gran Canaria, who has lived the last years of her sporting career in the French Besançon, thus completes a brilliant career, marked by numerous national and international successes both at club and national team level.

With the Guerreras, the player from Maspalomas was part of the national team that won the world runner-up in Japan in 2019, and before the silver medal that Spain won in the European Championships in Hungary and Croatia in 2014, the first tournament of teams of the highest level in which he participated.

The island pivot has almost 40 caps with the absolute national team. In addition to the World Cup held in Japan, it also took part in the 2015 World Cup event in Denmark, where the Warriors fell in the eighth against France.

The one from Maspalomas closes her professional career after a long stay in French Besançon


After this championship, María Núñez does not enter the Spanish calls for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 or for the European of the same year. His return to the national team takes place in 2019, on the occasion of the World Cup in Japan, in which the Spanish team conquered silver after a historic final against the Netherlands that was lost 29-28 in a last action not without controversy.


The player from Gran Canaria, after standing out in her beginnings at the Marcial Franco School and at the CB Maspalomas Atlántica, joined the sports structure of Rocasa Gran Canaria, debuting in the first team of the Teldense team in the highest category of national women’s handball 2005 when he was just 16 years old.

His potential did not go unnoticed and in 2006, at 17, he made the leap to the Peninsula to sign for Mar Alicante, a club with which he achieved the runner-up in the Division of Honor (2010) and the Recopa de Europa (2011) .

After defending the shirt of the Alicante team for six years, the southern pivot arrived at Bera Bera, one of the dominators of Spanish women’s handball in recent years. With the Basque team, which he arrived in the 2012-13 campaign, his great successes at the club level came: three garter belts (2013, 2014 and 2015), two titles in the Queen’s Cup (2013 and 2014) and three of the Spanish Super Cup (2021, 2013 and 2014).

After her successful journey with the Gipuzkoan team, María Núñez made the leap to France in 2015, signing with ESBF Besançon, a team where her professional career ended. And after a complicated year, he leaves the French squad with a certain bittersweet flavor, as the Gran Canaria suggests when announcing his goodbye through social networks: «I would have liked to say goodbye on the slopes, playing, but they have not given me that opportunity ».

He made his debut at the age of 16 with Rocasa in the highest category to later play in Alicante and Bera Bera


At the hour of goodbye, María Núñez thanks her family for their support “for accompanying me from my beginnings until today”; of his friends, “for having put up with me and given advice that is worth gold”; to all the clubs in which she has played, “which have made me improve as a player”; and to the fans, “that you make us feel wrapped up wherever we go.”

Although the Gran Canaria woman says goodbye to her sport at a professional level, she points out that she will continue to be united to this modality that has given her so many joys throughout the many years of her life dedicated to practicing it: “I’m not saying goodbye, but see you soon handball.”


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