February 25, 2021

María Ke Ficherman, crafts and tradition in movement

The firm María Ke Fisherman, led by María Lemus and Víctor Alonso, has raised expectations on the Madrid catwalk, which they have returned to after moving away from an edition to rethink their brand and free themselves from pressure.

A return that has been about to be truncated by a summer storm charged with lightning and thunder that made presage the cancellation of the presentation, but that has turned out to be the prelude to an original staging.

The most nocturnal parade of the 70th edition of the Madrid catwalk has had a place of exception, the Madrid Bridge of Toledo, built by Pedro de Rivera in the eighteenth century, a space "very far" from the aesthetics of the brand, a reason for what was "the best space" to show a collection made with the pillars of craftsmanship, tradition and dedication.

"We are very happy with the return", explained Víctor Alonso, while María pointed out the need to look for that retirement. "I wanted to get rid of the responsibility of having to sell, I wanted to make a more artistic collection, with which you can wear a 'celebrity'", they say to Efe just before the parade.

María Ke Fisheman's designs have been worn by international singers such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, stars who put the media focus on young creators who are very satisfied with the proposals that are now presented in the 70th edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

Designs in which they do not abandon the urban stamp that has always defined the brand, but in which they mix the warmth of the artisan work carried out by the Discalced Carmelite nuns of Huelva, as well as a team of women, experts in the art of weaving, with a clear idea: put together a collection in which there is no textile "only work in crochet and knitting".

A collection, the creators point out, "without limits", whose destiny lies in "itself, not in how to produce it".

Pieces in which they represent twenty stereotypes of a woman who dresses in a tight-fitting jumpsuit, with an extreme careful design to give shape to each design.

A monkey made only in silk mohair in which the warmth and quality is palpable at each point, followed by another where the hundred percent merino wool makes elegance not depend only on a dress, are some of your options for next spring-summer.

Thread combined with polyamide, crochet and knit in one piece, a variety of points that come to life thanks to refined techniques, where tradition and purity in the making form an indissoluble tandem in delicate pieces whose preparation has led, in some cases , more than three months.

To finish, proudly show the jewel in the crown, a blanket monkey in which they gather many "personal stories" and family. "They have done it among six people and in each one something that has to do with our closest world is printed", like the photo of their guinea pig or an image of Maria's parents during a trip to Japan.

Pure craftsmanship in movement.

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