María José Llergo: "Winning a Goya is difficult to assimilate, everything is happening to me very quickly"

María José Llergo: "Winning a Goya is difficult to assimilate, everything is happening to me very quickly"

Although winning a Goya award "it's hard to assimilate", the flamenco cantaora from Córdoba María José Llergo cannot avoid showing immense happiness before his latest success. And the fact is that "everything is happening to me very quickly", says the woman from Pozo, who in just two years has captivated the public with Sanación, an album to which both fans of jondo art and critics have succumbed. In the last two years she has been part of the posters of the most important festivals in Spain and in his short career he has already garnered important awards. USA It is now his next destination after just two months ago his face appeared on one of the largest billboards in the world famous Times Square.

Five days have passed since we saw her collect a brand new Goya for the original song of the film 'Mediterráneo'. Has it cost you to assimilate this new success?

I am in process. It's a little hard to take in and I still get amazed when I think I got up on a stage and spoke. Everything is happening to me very fast, and I did not expect it. It seems precious to me, a gift, it is something so great that I am not yet aware of it. In addition, he competed with great songs.

How have they received in Pozoblanco this triumph of their countrywoman?

Very good, they are very happy. Some journalists even went to interview people. I want them to know that they are very important to me, and if there is any little girl with big dreams, let her know that she can fulfill them.

How do you feel about this meteoric career that is giving you so much satisfaction?

I feel love for every step I take, I try to do everything giving my best and I understand that when you give everything it is a great satisfaction to be recognized and told that you are on the right track. I don't think about the futureI want to enjoy every step and compose and sing as beautiful as I can.

Are you enjoying success or is it a difficult maelstrom to handle?

I am enjoying myself because I am self-determined, I control my processes and my times, and if I need calm, I ask for it and tell my team: "Wait a minute, I'm going to the field for a few days." This is also how I manage my feelings and order my ideas and my inspiration.

Do you have dreams and goals or do you not consider where to go?

Of course I have dreams, but my goals are not to conquer ground as if I were Napoleon, my goal is to continue walking happily, growing and paying homage to my roots and that mine know how important they are and, above all, I want to give the world sensitivity, that he misses a lot. They are big challenges, very abstract, like chasing a star, you know you will never reach it, but walking in its direction already fills you with light

Among others, he dedicated the Goya to the founder of the Open Arms NGO, Óscar Camps. What has he learned from this experience?

I already wrote a song about the Mediterranean drama, 'Nana del Mediterráneo'. It is a subject that moves me in a special way. When the film crew heard it, they asked me to write a theme for it. I asked to see the film and it was an overwhelming experience for me, it moved me a lot, and I decided to try it, but for that I had to get close to that sea to write. I went to Almería, to Cabo de Gata, and was able to contrast the reality of the earthly paradise that we who were born on this side of the shore have with the noise of the maritime helicopter or with the sight on the beach of the wet clothes of those who They arrive in those boats and they have to take it off so they don't freeze to death. And everything I saw and experienced led me to that letter.

Would you like to work more actively for this problem? What do you think you can do?

My most powerful weapon is my voice, and that's why I give it away. I think that talking about this topic is making it visible, and when a problem is talked about and it is known, a solution can be found. But it seems that now the lack of humanity seems to us something normal and humanity, something strange.

She chose a Mediterranean blue dress for the gala. Did she mean something with her outfit?

Sure, it looked like the sea reaching the shore. I wrote that song stuck in the Mediterranean and I wanted that sea to accompany me that day.

After India Martínez, she is the second singer from Córdoba to win this award. It seems that the voices of the women of the earth are very strong.

I believe that the voices of the women of the earth are always strong, and we must know how to listen to them, both ours as singers and that of our grandmothers. Without his wisdom we would not have gotten to where we are.

During the gala, his greeting to Penelope Cruz. Why that "Hello Penelope!"?

Because I was collecting an award before such personalities of the culture, with such an impact on the girls of my generation, that when I saw myself there, in front of her while she looked at me, I thought 'wow, how strong life is'. I needed to greet her.

In addition to the successes he has achieved with 'Sanación', among other milestones we have seen his face on one of the largest billboards in the world-famous Times Square. Are you going to make the leap to the US?

That too it was very strong. I have some concerts and I'm going to play at Primavera Sound in Los Angeles. I'm excited to jump from the most remote town in my Spain to the United States, Oslo, Brussels... I like that cante and music take me to know what I don't know and I feel very happy.

Did you like this experience with the cinema? Would I do it again?

It depends on the proposition. In this case, we have worked with film and music to make a message visible.

For when a second album?

I'm composing, the creative process is underway. I only interrupted it because they gave me a Goya (laughs).

Would you like to release it? Cordova?

A lot. When you get out, we'll knock on the door.

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