María José Carrasco: "Do you want to commit suicide?" "The sooner, the better" | Society

María José Carrasco: "Do you want to commit suicide?" "The sooner, the better" | Society

Video in which María José Carrasco confirms that she wants to commit suicide. In the image, shortly before he ingested the liquid.

María José Carrasco had repeated it ad nauseam and Ángel Hernández, her husband, had assured her that he would help her. This Wednesday, her husband gave her the medication that helped her end her suffering. The man has been arrested. In this video, recorded a day earlier, the woman, who suffered from multiple sclerosis for 30 years, confirms that he wants to commit suicide "the sooner, the better". This is the dialogue they maintained:

Angel. Well, María José, we are going to record this testimony, because it is very important for us to record the desire that you have wanting to be carried out, which is suicide.

She nods.

Angel. Do you still have the idea that you want to kill yourself?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Do you want to wait for something?

Maria Jose. Do not.

Angel. Do you want it to take place already?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Do you know that I have to help you? That there is no one who can help you, and besides, it would not be good if ...

Maria Jose. Yes I know.

Angel. You know. You have asked me many times, many times. More than necessary. But of course, I was confident that euthanasia would be approved, but of course, once seen ... Today is April 2, 2019. So you want and insist that you want to kill yourself?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Let's see, do you want me to prepare it and do it tomorrow?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Well, there's nothing more to talk about. I think…

Maria Jose. The sooner the better.

Angel. The only thing that worries me is that you can not drink the liquid because you have swallowing problems. And it is not only the choking that you have, but it costs you a lot of work, you get fatigue every time you eat something. That is the only concern I have. But you want to keep going, right?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Well, I prepare everything. I'm going to give you a lot of effort, when you could still manage your hands a little, you got it through the Internet. The sodium pentobarbital, which we have stored there. And that's what I'm going to apply to you. Hopefully it is not a fraud, because as you had to ask for Internet ... Well, we'll see right away. So, we leave it here?

María José nods.

Angel. Morning.

She returns to nod. This time, also verbally: Yes.

Angel. Ok, well, nothing more than this.

Carrasco's husband turns off the camera. A day later, turn it on again. He asks his wife again if she is convinced and wants to move on.

Angel. Well, María José, the time has come, the one you so desired.

She nods with a half smile.

Angel. I'm going to lend you my hands, that you can not. I'm going to lend you my hands. First let's try a little water because I do not know if you can swallow. If we see that you can not swallow, we abort it, because ...

She drinks water with a straw.

Angel. What do you think?

Maria Jose. Yes

Angel. I give it to you then. It is not much, but it may be that you know badly, that is, that you have to endure it. Are you determined?

Maria Jose. Yes.

Angel. Well, forward.

EL PAÍS has decided not to broadcast the images in which María José Carrasco ingests the liquid.

"Let's see, give me the hand I want to notice the definitive absence of your suffering. Calm down, now you'll fall asleep right away, "Ángel Hernández tells his wife.


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