María Jiménez talks about her origins in 'El Hormiguero': "My grandfather bet my grandmother on cards"

María Jiménez in & # 039; El Hormiguero & # 039 ;.

María Jiménez in 'El Hormiguero'.

Maria Jimenez was last night in 'El Hormiguero' to promote his new album and the truth is that he has made us smile as he always does every time he is on television. The singer has proven to be more alive than ever and with more energy than ever with the jokes she has played on Pablo Motos, but also for the affection with which he has treated him.

In her interview, María Jiménez recalled her hard childhood, in which he went hungry on many occasions: "Stale bread at night with chicory, some lentils for a week, to drink a lot of water. I've been very hungry. "Of course, the singer's taste has changed a lot, since now what she likes is a good champagne with which to escape and enjoy:"I like champagne, beer fills my stomach with gas and it takes away my hunger ".

What most caught our attention about María Jiménez's statements is that she is a gypsy, and it is something that she did not know until her father died: "The gypsies told me that I couldn't be a paya, that I had to be a gypsy When my father died he told my sister to tell me that she was a gypsy. My father denied his father and never told us that we were gypsies. My grandfather played my grandmother at cards, that's why he denied him. "

And it is that Maria has not disappointed us, she has once again displayed her sense of humor and has left us stunned by confessing that she has only gone to vote once in her life: "I do not vote, nor what is left of my life will I vote, only with Suárez. It was the first time that they voted and then ... when I saw that they all used me I said 'go for the pussy all, I'm going to have the aperitif' ". In this way, the singer has once again demonstrated her art in music and on sets where it is always a delight to see.


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