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María Jesús Ruiz, winner of 'GH Dúo' | TV

María Jesús Ruiz, winner of 'GH Dúo' | TV

María Jesús Ruiz has been the winner in the first edition of GH Duo, so he has pocketed the 100,000 euros prize. After 13 weeks of coexistence, the Telecinco program has already won. María Jesús has been in first position, followed by Kiko Rivera, son of Isabel Pantoja. Kiko and Maria Jesus reached the final, held on Thursday, after the elimination at the gala on Wednesday of the other two finalists, Alejandro Albalá, who was in third position, and Juan Miguel Martinez, who finished in fourth place.

The night ended with the excitement of knowing the name of the winner, but also began with emotions for the two finalists, who received visits from their mothers in the house of Guadalix. There, Isabel Pantoja informed her son that she will participate in the next edition of Survivors, the reality that will take over (still no release date) of GH Duo as king of the Mediaset grill.

Diploma in Teaching, María Jesús Ruiz (Andújar, 36 years old) rose as Miss Spain in 2004. Since then, her personal life has been frequenting magazines and programs of the heart. In 2018 he participated in Survivors and she has also been a contributor to Save me.

This has been the first edition of Big Brother Duo, a version of the popular reality in which a group of people coexist inside a house and exposed to the recording of the cameras for 24 hours. In this case, the participants were all couples (or trios) of famous or popular characters with different sentimental links between them.

The program has reached the final as the best screen share has had in the television season after GH VIP 6, achieving an average of 25.8% of the screen share and 2,749,000 viewers on Thursday nights. The coexistence of the protagonists of GH Duo It has been narrated in different programs: the galas on Thursdays, with weekly expulsion of the contestants, Limit 48 hours and the Debate.


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