October 31, 2020

María Jesús Montero contradicts Garzón and Iglesias and believes that the king did not violate neutrality by calling Lesmes

The Government does not believe that Felipe VI has violated institutional neutrality with the call he made last Friday to the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes, to express his regret for his absence from the act of delivery of judicial dispatches that took place that day in Barcelona. This has been assured by the spokesperson for the Executive, María Jesús Montero, in the press conference after the Council of Ministers, in which she has assured that the position of the Cabinet chaired by Pedro Sánches is “clear” of “defense of the Crown.” Montero thus contradicts the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, who pointed out in a message that the king’s situation is “unsustainable” and also the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, who in a more subtle way also attacked the king’s work.

VIDEO | Montero, on the king’s call to Lesmes: “I don’t think that at any time he has violated neutrality”

“The government’s position on the Monarchy is clear and has been expressed by the president,” Montero said when asked by journalists. Pedro Sánchez showed his support for the current head of state after the departure of his father and predecessor in office, Juan Carlos de Borbón, after revealing that he has been or is the holder of a undetermined number of bank accounts in Switzerland and other tax havens.

Then, he said that the government he presides “considers the constitutional pact fully in force.” And he pointed to the PSOE as “the only party that remains alive from that pact of 78.” “We are the architects of the Constitution,” he settled.

An idea that the Executive spokesperson has repeated this Tuesday, who has framed in a question of the parties, not the Government, the differences between the PSOE and United We Can regarding the Monarchy. Montero recalled that this is the first coalition government since the restoration of democracy and that it is made up of “two formations with many coincidences, but also with differences.” This is one of those differences.

“The Government defends the institutions,” said Montero, to expressly mention “the Crown.” Immediately, he has attacked the PP, whom he has accused of being “in a rebellion or constitutional insubordination” for not negotiating the renewal of the CGPJ despite the fact that the mandate of the current governing body of judges has expired for two years. The government spokeswoman has also indicated that “it is a disservice when some formation tries to patrimonialize [al rey] out of pure partisan interest. “” A lot of damage is done, “he insisted.

Montero has not spared a veiled criticism of the president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, protagonist last week of a confrontation with the Government in which the head of state was implicated when lesmes made public a call from Felipe VI in which he tells him that he “would have liked” to attend the traditional delivery of the new judges’ offices.

Iglesias, and especially Garzón, they showed their displeasure in public for what they considered an interference by the head of State in a decision adopted by the Government. The secretary general of Podemos demanded “political neutrality of the head of state.” The IU leader, for his part, assured that “the position of a hereditary monarchy that maneuvers against the democratically elected government, thereby breaching the constitution that imposes its neutrality, while being applauded by the extreme right is simply unsustainable.”

Montero, who acts as the spokesman for the entire Government at press conferences after the Council of Ministers, defended this Tuesday that “from institutional respect” he does not believe “that at no time His Majesty the King has violated the constitutional neutrality that required by law. ”


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