January 18, 2021

María Hervás: "Being an actress is a militancy" | Culture

María Hervás: "Being an actress is a militancy" | Culture

María Hervás, actress.

Last Tuesday, at the end of the general rehearsal with an audience of Pack, the play where she plays the victim of La Manada, María Hervás embraced for a long time the five actors who embody their sexual aggressors while receiving several minutes of applause. There were tears in everyone's eyes. Hers were devastated since she came onstage. The work, transcription of the summary and the trial of the case, lack of effect. No need to add horror to the horror itself, and none of the six interpreters-or the audience-comes out unscathed. Remembering her tearful and fragile, it impresses even more the resueltísima woman who appears to this interview the next day. We talk in the attic of the theater just an hour before the official premiere in Madrid and the protagonist shows no rush to settle the talk. If he has nerves, he eats them. As to the camera.

The crying function is passed. What brand of eye irritant do you use?

None. Never. I do not think that tears should be the objective, but the result of the pain that an actress incarnates to tell the story. They are not searched.

That is, who really suffers.

Absolutely. I would love to speak with an expert to know if I can inform my cells that this is fiction. Because they suffer. I suffer every night a tragedy that, with luck, most people never have to suffer.

And does it make up for it?


Is he paid so well?

"Samurai punki"

This is how the actress María Hervás sees herself (Madrid, 1987). After taking all the awards of the guild with 'Ifigenia in Vallecas', this daughter of a truck driver and postal official, plays the victim of La Manada in the play 'Jauría', on the billboard until April at the Pavón Kamikaze Theater in Madrid.

I live from my work. At last. But no, it compensates me because, at 31, I do not understand life without the generosity of the community act, and I have not found a better one than the theater.

His is love of neighbor.

My work is a political act. For me to be an actress is a militancy, and the way I have to do daily politics.

Then, would not he act in a work whose subject, or author, was not of his political taste?

Absolutely. Nothing is so simple or general. I move always in the limits of right and wrong politically and morally and socially immoral. It is my task no longer as an actress, but as a human being. It is pure selfishness. For sleeping.

When you suffer so much, do you somatize?

I suffer with everything. A friend says that I am PAS, Highly Sensitive Person, which is a psychological syndrome. It seems silly, but I have to prepare. I do ashtanga yoga. Even so, the day after finishing a work, I fall ill.

Are you an athlete of the tables?

Of course, but almost more a samurai. Willpower, concentration, physical preparation, flow and at the same time be anchored to the earth. I need that to then come to the theater and do the only function that the actor has on the stage, which is to be free, to be freer than we are under them.

At 31, he plays a girl of 18 who wants to live and ends up raped and questioned. Do we understand that mixture of hedonism and vulnerability?

No, because you do not understand the 18 years of a woman, or the 30, or the 50. They do not educate us for that. I myself, woman, progressive and feminist, before getting into the process of this work, I prejudged it and I discovered myself saying: 'but how could you do it so badly?'

Did he blame her?

No, but that thing came out of scolding him like a friend: why did you stay alone, why did you go with those brainless people, why did you give yourself a kiss with one, why did you get into the portal? You went wrong in every step of the manual that you give us from small to be the girl, the young woman and the perfect woman. This manual has to be read to men and told them: this is all I am going to stop being. And burn it together.

Excite the hug with the actors who embody their aggressors. Do they also suffer?

Very much. We all have erroneous zones. This work has transformed us all. I can say that now I have clear that this girl was not wrong or one of his steps that night. It was a pure life drive. I wanted to meet people, have fun, drink, travel, celebrate life without fear and without guilt.

Like an uncle.

As an uncle, as we should be all living beings on this planet. She was not wrong, they were wrong and we have judged her. If he came and saw this work, I wish it would help him to heal his wound somewhat.

After the success of its assembly 'Ifigenia in Vallecas, and now that of' Jauría ', 2019 may be its year.

They have been telling me for 5 years that this is my year. I do not care. I'm not aiming, my goal is that the premiere of this night out of fucking mother, and before that, give you a good interview. What I also have clear is that, wherever I am, I have curred it. What happens is a consequence of the meat I have put on the grill.

Has it always been so intense?

Thank you. Yes but no. Then I am a firecracker, stay after the premiere and come with canes with us, or get into my networks and you will see me as crazy dancing reggaeton in a bathrobe.

Reggaeton? But did not we have to veto Maluma for being sexist?

We should not prohibit anything in life. With Maluma, what I would do is make love to her very well, because I believe that she has been fucked badly, so that she learns what a woman is, takes notes and then composes a feminist reguetón. This is also politics. I would do it for a social good to the female community. Maluma, baby, I'm serious: do it, I go on the video: we beat it.


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