María del Carmen Déniz, 72, the first person to be vaccinated against covid in Gran Canaria

María del Carmen Déniz, 72, is the first person to be vaccinated against covid-19 in Gran Canaria, in a campaign that begins this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. and will reach 7,000 people in the next 20 days.

Déniz, who has been living in the El Pino socio-sanitary center, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a native of the municipality of Arucas and lived a good part of his life in the Casablanca III neighborhood.

She has not hesitated for a moment to get the vaccine because "if we don't trust those who are smarter, who are we going to trust?"

She has been "very happy" for being the first to receive the vaccine on the island, which will be followed by another 4,000 among health personnel and users of the social health centers of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and around 3,000 of the private centers in the next 20 days. Then the second dose will be delivered to this same group.

The El Pino social health center plans to have all its staff and users vaccinated before the end of next week.

As the Minister of Social Policy, Isabel Mena, Mari Carmen Déniz has pointed out, despite “how hard this process has been” in the social health centers, “she has never lost her smile, good humor and the desire to make people laugh. others".

The president of the Island Council, Antonio Morales, has defined today "as a historic day" because it opens "a new time of hope for Gran Canaria".

"Today is undoubtedly" a day "of special relevance" and the beginning of what is expected as the end of a health crisis and also social and economic on the island.

Hopefully, he said, the declaration by the creators of the vaccine will come true "and that in the summer we can recover normality", which makes this moment "historic".

However, Morales has pointed out that it is necessary to "call for responsibility" and, above all, "not to lower our guard."

This is "an important step", but we must remain vigilant because "last summer we lowered our guard and made life difficult for many people with a particularly virulent second wave in Gran Canaria".

Currently, the pandemic "It is controlled" at the level of contagion, although the indicators "point to a slight increase in cases in recent weeks, probably due to the Constitution bridge and the Christmas holidays, for which" there will be another wave. "

Morales has asked for "collaboration, respect, responsibility" because "it depends on us" that this does not happen.

During the pandemic, the health centers of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria have had a "very low incidence" of covid, so they feel "proud" of the management on the island and the work done.

In the centers dependent on the island corporation, 54 positives have been registered since March for 1,883 people, with five deaths from outbreaks outside public facilities.

There has been "an enormous sacrifice", but the policies followed "have been effective in stopping and preventing the pandemic from entering the centers."

As Morales has confided, "I hope this is the first day of a new stage towards normality", in order to "work with more security and guarantee a safe coexistence for all users and staff of the centers", and thus "arrive soon again the contact and the hugs with the elderly that we need so much ”.


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