María Corina Machado asks that the Parliament assume the Government of Venezuela in January

María Corina Machado asks that the Parliament assume the Government of Venezuela in January

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado today asked the parliament of Venezuela, controlled by the anti-Chavez government, to assume the government of the country and not recognize Nicolás Maduro as head of the State since January 10, when he will swear a new term of six years.

"A presidential term ends on January 10 and there is no elected president, period There is a power vacuum that the National Assembly (AN, Parliament) has the obligation to fill, appointing a transitional government headed by the president of the AN itself "said the ex-deputy.

Machado posted a video on his Twitter account in which he made this appeal to the Legislature whose legitimacy, he said, will also be at stake on January 10.

"That this is a risk, without doubt, that there will be an onslaught? It is very possible, but there is no other option than total ignorance of tyranny, which will unite all the institutional force in the direction of the rupture of the system," he continued. the leader of the Vente Venezuela party (VV).

The opposition insists that Maduro "is illegitimate from the first day" that he assumed the top magistracy in 2013 and recalled that there is a legal process against the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

The Parliament, declared in contempt by the Supreme Court for what its acts considered null by the Executive, will appoint a new directive on January 5 and it is expected that the presidency will fall on the Popular Will (VP) party of the opposition prisoner Leopoldo López .

Therefore, Machado today asked the deputies that when voting for this new directive "do it for men and women who are up to this historical challenge, who are willing to fulfill their duty."

"This is not the time to hand out positions or agreements between the domes (…) we are risking our lives (…) to the National Assembly, assume the route of courage, of ignorance, of historical rupture," he remarked.

However, he urged the citizens to support an eventual change of Government decided in the Legislative because, he stressed, "we must put an end to the criminal state."

VP informed on Thursday that with the presidency of the AN in 2019 will try to articulate to the opposition to look for "an urgent exit" of Nicolás Maduro of the power.

"We assume the Presidency of the National Assembly as the axis articulator of the unitary strategy against a regime that has taken Venezuela to the worst moment of its political, economic and social history," the opposition group said in a statement.

VP also indicated in the text that he will propose the young deputy Juan Guaidó as the new head of Parliament, after the presidencies of Henry Ramos, Julio Borges and Omar Barboza.

The majority of the local opposition and numerous foreign governments do not recognize the re-election that Maduro obtained on May 20 in elections that they consider fraudulent.


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